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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Morning coats! The fan-fic story/off-topic/segment of “The Thing : Reanimated” part 1 follows below. And, just as posted in my blog yesterday, for readers it may be better to have seen the 2011 prequel, as well as John Carpenter’s version back in 1982 to follow the story along. I hope to be going places with this idea, as in who knows where in the Antarctic characters may go. Hope it sparks some interest and maybe a few questions…ZBP.


OT: The Thing-Reanimated Chap1 ----------------------------------------------------------- Roster : Vostok #2 (Russian Station, Antarctica) Dr. Kate Loyd (paleontologist, Thule base camp) 1)Alexander Veselov (lead scientist) 2)Ivan Alenin (assistant to lead scientist) 3)Dr. Greta Dubiousky (doctor/surgeon) 4)Dr. Hans Burkov (lead biologist) 5)Peter Lapidus (lead engineer/electrician) 6)Vladimir Kalagin (engineer/laborer) 7)Boris Gorev (engineer/laborer) 8)Erik Kuklev (engineer/laborer) 9)Alexei Olkhovsky (geologist) 10) Olshefski (radio operator/ polish) 11)Lawrence Boskin (Russian helicopter pilot) 12)Sergei Laptev (Russian co-pilot) 13) Ben Ballard (American helicopter pilot) 14) Franz Jenson (Danish co-pilot)

McMurdo : US Station, coastline- Ross Dependency Thule Base Camp- Norwegian Station, continental interior. Vostok Station 2- Russian Camp, continental interior, located a few miles from the main station at Lake Vostok. Outpost #31- US Station, continental interior. * Equipment; Snow Cat-explorers, snow rovers, steam generators, electrical generators, steam & electrical turbines. ============================= The Thing : Reanimated - up to this point

Kate Loyd, American paleontologist hired by team leader Sander Halvorson, operations commander of a Norwegian scientific research base located in Antarctica, has just survived a fate worse than death. A living hell really. Being consumed by an alien life form bit by bit does seem to mimic torture beyond imagination. She’s been a witness to it. She has escaped the presence of the creature only to find that she is living with a dark secret and a tortured soul. How can she tell people? Who would believe her? How can she get the message out about the “THING”?

Fan-fic extension of “The Thing 2011”…..hope you like it.

========= Opening Scene ======== Antarctica: a few miles north of their station, a Russian crew of three stumble upon a land rover buried in the snow in an isolated area not far from their camp. One man looks over to another and shouts so that he can be heard in the thin air, and above the occasional sounds of swirling wind as the team ponders the questions as to why the vehicle is there, who it may belong to, and if there are occupants inside?

All spoken in Russian :

“Alexander, what do you think it is?”

“It’s obvious. It’s an Ice Rover covered almost totally in snow!”

Both men look to see the visible top of a yellow Cat-Rover nearly completely concealed within a snow bank.

Another member of their party, Vladimir Kalagin, circles the vehicle looking for a way to get in.

“Vladimir! See a way to get inside?” Alexander asked the third individual.

“Not without digging the drift away from the doors!”

“Is there someone in there?”

Vladimir gives the lead scientist of the Russian research station “Vostok 2” a questionable look before answering.

“That is unknown.”

Alexander looks back at Boris, carpenter and lead labor foreman at the station.

“Guess we should go see for ourselves.” He turns and walks the twenty paces to the vehicle, then climbs atop it’s hood. Boris follows his lead. Alexander , with his gloved hand wipes away the loose snow gathered across the windshield. He dips down to peer inside.

“What do you see?” Boris asks.

“There is someone inside! Alone! A girl!”



Alexander views the inside of the vehicle. He knows there is an American camp, and a Norwegian base, within the interior of the continent like Vostok station itself . Some of the markings on the vehicle identify it as Norwegian, but unless they can recover the woman alive, the reason for the rover being there will remain a mystery. That is, until they make contact with her teammates at one of the other stations.

“We will know nothing until we get her back to base and assist in her recovery. If she is alive,” he said.

He again stood erect on top the rover hood and looked at Boris standing next to him.

“Still, I don’t speak Norwegian.”

“Do you speak American?” The worker asked.

“No, but I do speak English,” Alex smiled at the comment he made towards his comrade.

Boris grunted.

“Well, since it’s a girl it better be the Queen’s English,” the laborer smiled back.

**************************** Surgical recovery room Vostok Outpost ice station #2 :

She awoke with a splitting headache. She felt warmer now, and comfortable, although the core of her body from being chilled within the Cat-rover still caused her to shiver slightly now and then. She was still being warmed. With her eyes still closed, she reached up and felt the damp warm cloth across her forehead. She remembered now, she was in the rover making her way away from the crash site where they’d blown up the alien spacecraft! She’d become caught in the blizzard and the vehicle had become bogged in a heavy snow bank. Her attempts at reversing the rover had failed. She had gotten stuck. She had kept the engine running for a time for warmth, but she knew it wouldn’t last the full night. She was afraid to shut it off, but at some point she had. The cold seemed to envelope her soon after. She closed her eyes and waited for daybreak.

The woman’s eyes flew open with a start! Kate Loyd was fully awake. She looked around the room where she lay resting. It seemed to be a recovery/ medical operations room, not unlike the one at Thule Station.

“Ah, you are awake!” She heard the voice of a woman with a heavy Russian accent. She looked to the side the see a concerned face approaching closer from her right. A pretty face, that of a woman around her same age.

“Feeling Better?”

“Yes, thank you. Where am I?”

“You are at the Vostok Research Station 2, and I am Doctor Greta Dubiousky,” she smiled, “but please hold further questions my dear until I get Alex, Doctor Alexander Veselov to come see you. He will have the answers to any questions that you may have.”

The woman turned and headed towards the door. She paused momentarily and looked back at Kate with another smile before exiting.

**************************** “So! I’m sure you have plenty of questions for us, as well as we for you Mrs.?”

Kate Loyd looked into the eyes of a mild looking man with a scraggly faced beard. Why were so many of the men stationed in places like this bearded? She supposed the reason was to conserve the warm water in so frozen a wasteland. She looked into his deep, dark eyes. His Russian accent was as heavy as the woman she’d spoken with before.

“Miss, it’s Miss, Kate Loyd, Paleontologist,” she answered, “team member of Doctor Sander Halvorson, Norwegian Station Thule.”

She looked around. She noticed several more people in the room. She seemed to be experiencing an introduction like she had at the Norwegian base all over again.

“Miss Loyd, we are so happy that we found you alive, and that your recovery seems to be progressing quite rapidly,” Doctor Veselov spoke. “ I’m sure Greta has told you that you are at Ice Station Vostok #2. It’s a Russian exploratory base, smaller than the main base located eighty kilometers in that direction,” he pointed, “and it’s approximately1600 kilometers from U.S. Station McMurdo. Also it’s about 400 kilometers from U.S. Station 31, and about 100 from the Norwegian station Thule,” he paused a second, “ which begs the question, why an American Paleontologist was working for the Norwegians? And why were you out in a Snow-Cat in such a heavy blizzard? What is going on out there?”

Kate could see that the Doctor had more questions than she, but she knew also that telling the full truth would likely get her strapped into a canvas straight-jacket that would lead to her resembling an Antarctic Ross Seal, and she didn‘t want that. Another thing, she wasn’t to the point of trusting these people. After all, one of them could be a “Chameleon”. An alien life form disguised as a human.

Kate felt a shiver of fear creep up her spine. What if one of these people was an alien, a “Thing”, waiting for an opportunity to merge with her, absorb her, digest her? Whatever you wanted to call it? She would have to come up with a feasible reply to satisfy the Russians , and it would have to be quick. She looked around the room. Alexander followed her gaze.

“I’m sorry, let me introduce the crew,” he said, “ there’s Greta here, whom you’ve met, Vladimir, Ivan, Peter, Hans, Boris, Eric, Lawrence, Sergei and Olshefski, radio operator. There are a few others who you will meet later. But for now, this is most of our humble camp family, about half of whom speak English.”

They all greeted her with receptive nods and expressions. It was her turn to do some explaining.

“To answer your first question,” Kate started, “Doctor Sander Halvorson, leader of the Norwegian expedition hired me. And to answer the second, there was an emergency. I was on my way to get help!”

Her answers seemed believable enough. She looked around the room from face to face. All seemed to buy into her tale. Still, there would be questions as to what the emergency was, and the question in her mind was, were all of these people really what they appeared to be?

“How long have I been here?”

“Three days.”


“Yes Doctor Loyd. It has taken you three…… well actually this is the beginning of the third morning since we found you and brought you here, to regain consciousness.” The scientist stopped and contemplated her a moment.

“Now, about the emergency, was it equipment failure, or did any of the Norwegian crew, well, for lack of a better English expression, go crazy? I mean we have been unable to reach Thule Station by radio since before the storm, and contact with the American Station 31 has informed us that they have sent a helicopter crew to investigate the Norwegian base camp. They said they would report back with their findings, yet there has been no word from them?”

Kate grabbed the scientist by the arm and squeezed tightly.

“NO! You must radio them not to go!” The Paleontologist screamed, and she began to struggle to get off the cot.

It took Veselov, Boris and two others to restrain her from coming off the bed. Alexander motioned for Greta to administer a sedative to relax Kate before they were able to release their grips on her.

Kate Loyd, Paleontologist, and lone survivor of the Norwegian base camp, as she knew, fell back onto her bed. Her thrashing and erratic behavior subsided after a while. Even in her clam state she still attempted to move. Veselov had her strapped to the cot for her own safety, and theirs. He had no idea what this woman had been through, but he wasn’t taking chances with his team. Maybe she’d gone snow crazy and done some damage at the other camp herself? An investigation was forthcoming, as soon as he could venture a crew out, and be assured of their safety.

He turned to his medical expert at the station and asked in Russian….

“What do you think?”

Greta viewed the station commander.

“Well, physically she’s fine. Psychologically? That may be the question. May need to get the psychiatrist at Vostok Lake Station to come examine her, once the heavy snow settles down again. Her reaction to the American team going to investigate the events of the Norwegian base is certainly curious? Maybe there’s something she’s not telling us?”

“I agree,” Alex said, “I’m sending Boris and Peter out to the last marked coordinates on the Cat’s GPS. Boris doesn’t speak any English, but Peter does, and a bit of Norwegian also. Maybe they’ll come back with some answers.”

************************* Kate awoke the next morning refreshed and ready to spring into action. Of course being strapped to the cot kept her from moving. Alexander was brought in to see to her condition.

“Well Miss Loyd, feeling a bit calmer today?”

Kate knew that showing any sort of panic wouldn’t go well. She decided to play it safe and controlled. Although at some point, she knew, she would have to explain the insanity of she experiences over the past several days.

“Yes, much better,” she replied.

“Good. I’ve sent Greta for some breakfast for you, and there is a helicopter arriving from McMurdo with two of your countrymen. They’re coming to escort you back to the coast. There is another storm due in a few hours. Your stay at Vostok may be a little longer. But soon as we can we‘ll get you home,” he smiled.

“There are still questions that we are wishing to have answered,” he continued, “ and I will release your bonds so that you will be more comfortable to eat. But I caution, let’s try to get some answers without too much excitement, shall we?”


Kate also knew that it wouldn’t look well of the Russians to have an American scientist restrained once the McMurdo helicopter crew came in to see her.

“Good then. After breakfast we will talk.”

*********************** A half hour later, once Kate had eaten her fill of a well prepared meal, a group of Vostok research workers came in to hear her story. The paleontologist was also introduced to Ben Ballard, American helicopter pilot from McMurdo, and his Danish co-pilot Franz Jenson.

“So, shall we begin Miss Loyd?” Alex requested.

Kate took in a deep breath. She looked at all the faces in the room. GAME TIME!

“I know what I am about to tell you will sound crazy. But believe me it’s the absolute truth. I was brought here because Sander Halvorson and his team found something incredible buried in the snow. Something I wouldn’t believe myself if I hadn’t been a witness to it. They discovered some sort of alien spacecraft!”

With these words there came gasps and chuckled from around the room. And conversations in Russian that she didn’t understand. This reaction was expected, but the paleontologist did not change her expression one bit.

“Kate, Miss Loyd ….”

Kate stopped Alexander before he could continue.

“I know it sounds insane but I tell you it’s no fabrication. I didn’t dream this up! The proof is only a short distance away from here.”

“This is incredible news! We must join this expedition!” The commander of Vostok 2 turned his head towards Olshefski,

“As soon as possible send a radio message out to Thule! I know the airwaves are down but keep trying!” he returned his attention to Kate, “There are still other questions. Excuse me for a moment.” He arose to speak to several of his comrades.

Ben Ballard approached her.

“Miss Loyd….”


“Kate. What can I say? You certainly get people’s attention.”

The paleontologist’s gut feeling was that most of them were viewing her as a nut-case! Even Ballard seemed to have an irritating little smirk of a smile upon his face.

“If your story is true, it will be one of the most remarkable finds in history. And certainly answers the question, *are we alone*! You’ll be famous!” He smiled, but it didn’t look as if he had bought totally into her explanation of things. He spoke again, “What of the body that was found inside the other Cat-Rover at the crater site?”

Kate was stunned. Of course she hadn’t told them the complete story, there was more still to come. But if they became aware that she’d torched the American pilot in the other snow-rover she’d be strapped down for sure. Easy pickings for the “Thing” if it were to invade the campsite. Still, Ben was talking about the body of Sam Carter! Had it been recovered? What had they done with it? What did they know?

“You’ve found Sam?”

The room suddenly got quiet. All eyes again focused on the woman. Alexander returned to stand next to the cot. The mood in the surgical room had changed completely. Seems her story may now be called into question, since it became clear that she knew something of the shell of the man that had been found and brought back. The bombed out hole of the imbedded spacecraft had been filled in with blizzard snows. It seemed to have been misidentified as a meter crater from eons past. A Russian team must have come across the burned hulk of Carter in the other snow-rover, yet there was no denying now that she knew of the pilot’s death.

“What have you done with the body!!?”

“It was discovered by Boris and Peter and brought back here. It rests in storage building #6,” Alexander answered her.

Kate sat up.

“You must get rid of it! It must be destroyed completely!”

A few of the Russians gathered around her, again as if to restrain her. Ben was with them.

“There is no need to bind her!” He said. Alexander looked at him.

“She’s your responsibility!”

Kate looked around the room.

“Where are Boris and Peter?”

“I sent them out by rover early this morning to contact the Norwegian team, since communications are down. If Olshefsik can make radio contact I’ll call them back. Air flight is restricted due to the storm coming in. Should subside in a day or two. You can be air lifted to McMurdo once the weather clears.”

Kate felt the panic beginning to creep in on her a second time. Would she have to relive this hellish nightmare all over again? She viewed all the faces in the med room. Was one or more of them a Chameleon? A Thing? At least they hadn’t tied her down. There was a chance at escape! She was a survivor!



Sunday, February 19, 2012 8:51 AM


"The Thing" understandably enjoys a certain cult status here in Norway, mostly because of the badly spoken Norwegian in the original movie, and the stereotypical views of Norwegians, which we find hilarious :)

Fun :)

Monday, February 20, 2012 3:45 AM


Hello Markomi, Howdy from Texas!

It’s a joy to have you comment on my latest fan-fiction. I had no idea how badly the Norwegian accents were spoken in the original “Thing”. Guess we Americans should expand ourselves more. Our loss for not doing so.

Glad that you think this first installment was Fun. This first issue was a bit heavy-handed with detail, but my idea about writing science fiction is that if the characters react believably, then the story is more readable, and the reader can become more immersed. Can’t have Kate Lloyd coming off as Rambo now can we? :)

Hope you stick around for chapter 2. Which, I have no idea will be completed. I do have a notion of where I’m heading with this “Thing” though. Hope to make this fan-fic a scary and bumpy ride. But one that we return from safely, well some of us anyhow!:)

See ya, ZBP

Btw, as always, writing this in a hurry has it flawed with the usual. Hope the story will float by itself, and I’m looking to do better next round!


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