To Kill From A Distance Part 5: the final
Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chapter 5 the Final……. I’ve had some hurtles to cross while attempting this fan-fic, and as in most the stuff I post there have been mistakes. I hope the true intent of the story will come through and reader can navigate past those. If I entertained a little part of the readers day I’m happy. I did enjoy writing the story and I hope the ending was worth waiting for………..Happy New Year Browncoats, Z


To Kill from A Distance

Part 5

Jessica Tyler, or Miss X as she wanted to be called at the moment, stood looking at the heavens as Serenity exited and flew out of the vast Pluto sky.

“ Malcolm Reynolds, so cunning.” She thought, a little irritated. “Well we’ll see who has the last laugh my friend.”

She turned and marched over to the hanger that had once housed a very special hovercraft.

“ Excuse me Mr.!” She called to a fellow exiting the door to the hanger office.

“ Yes Miss….”

“ X.” Her response was blunt.

“ Ok, Miss X what can I do for you?” Harold requested. He knew the kind of people that ventured to Pluto2. Most of them didn’t want you to know who they were. It was fine with him. He made half his salary off folks with no name.

“ Your cortex communication’s in the office?” She asked.

“ Yes, that‘s right!” He said.

“ I’d like to send a message!”

“ That’s fine madam, only you’ll have to wait till day after tomorrow.” He said.

“ What!!?” Jessica was in total surprise.

“ Yep, the units down. Won’t be useable until the technician from Ceres gets here to fix it. Same shuttle you can ride on the way back to your home.”

She looked at him questionably.

“ Ceres right? That’s what Mr. Reynolds told me. He said to get rid of you quick as I could.”


Back on Serenity;

Malcolm Reynolds was rather impressed with himself, impressed with his crew also. He entered the bridge with a big smile on his face.

“ Wash send a wave to Inara. Tell her that when we’re done here our next port of call will be the companion compound. We’ll divvy up the count and be there in a few days” He paused a second, “ Oh, and if you see Jayne tell him he doesn’t have to spend all his earning there.” He laughed.

“That’s fine and dandy captain but we just got a wave from Badger.” Wash looked at Mal. “ Seems someone has alerted the authorities about a transport entering atmo with interested parties aboard. They’re delaying everyone that lands and searching all vessels. Badger’s sure they’ll be asking questions we don’t want to answer. Says he’ll meet us at a location outside the city.” That was the plan. ************************************************************************************

Two days later the crew of Serenity set down on a deserted plot of property outside the city. Badger and one of his employees were there waiting.

“Ah, Malcolm Reynolds. Good to see you again. You have something for me?”

“ That we do!” Mal motioned for the crew to bring the hovercraft out of the hold. Badger’s eyes grew big as platters.

“ She’s beautiful!! Don’t you think Roster?”

“ Yeah boss, right down to the little ferrits painted on the sides.”

Badger frowned.

“those are badgers you numbskull.”

“ Oh yeah, I see it now.” The man reported.

“ Pay the man and lets get them gone before someone gets curious.”

“ Right you are boss.” Roster said. He brought the rest of the coin to Malcolm.

“ Here ya go. You might want to take the southwest route. Ten miles then up into atom. Safest way.”

“Thanks.” Mal replied.

Within ten minutes Serenity was crossing the deserted plain and soon thereafter this planet would be feeling the heat of her exhaust.


Back on Pluto2 Jessica sat in front of the repaired cortex system. She began transmitting and soon her signal was received and answered.

“Yes Miss X, I understand you’ve been delayed but we’re going on the information that of you had broadcast earlier telling us you were on a return trip and you’ll be back shortly. The message short and to the point but not much more to go on.” The operator said.

“ Sergeant Bentley I know what I sent. I wasn’t able to make the return trip but it shouldn’t be that hard to find the craft the message was about. Just look for the one with the hovercraft onboard!” Seemed simple to her.

“ Every craft of that sort has been searched already and been cleared.” he said.

“ Well, I….”

“ Let me hand you over to my superior.”

“ Hello, Miss X, any idea on how to help us to conclude this search?” The new person questioned.

She recognized the voice right away.

“ Major Knotsworth, that’s what I’m trying to do! Look the vessel is a transport named Serenity. Captain’s name is Malcolm Reynolds. Crew of six. Surely can’t be that hard to track them down?” Aggravation was starting to seep into her soul.

“Well these type of vessels land here all the time. They change their call signs so the ship could be called anything and pirate names are hardly something law enforcement can go by. They change their IDs like I change my underwe…… you know what I mean, and you should know that yourself.” He paused.

He heard her exhale on the other end.

“ Look Jessica, I know you were an excellent explosives and delimitations expert in the war. One of the youngest we had. Your experience in Serenity Valley was critical. But the war’s been over for years. You’re a contractor by choice and trying to make your way, I understand. But understand me, there are several hundred transports that make their way through the city port every day maybe a thousand. It’s a hell of a job just to search each of them. We’re doing the best we can.”

“I understand Major, but this may be the crew you’re looking for. If I’d been given a little more information I may be able to add information myself.”

“Well Mr. Devin Greene is still mad that you kicked him out of his chance at a fare on that ship. Most the bounty hunters we’ve hired to help us out on this have very little information, but I will tell you what I know. The people in question are a young couple. A man and a girl. They may have gotten on separately but we can’t confirm anything. Anyone fit that description?”

“No, but that means nothing. That transport’s had several passengers before. Any of whom could be who you’re looking for. You just need to detain them and get your answers. I did put a tracking device onboard.”

“ That’s good, but you should remember we haven’t got the activation code. We’ll have to get that to get a fix on it’s transmitter. Why haven’t you tracked them yourself?”

“ I lost the tracking remote…….an accident.” She made no mention that it remained aboard the Firefly in the brown coat she’d dropped onto the cargo hold floor. “

“Here‘s the code you‘re looking for. Juno1-7-3-4-5.”

“ I’ll get Bentley on it right away.” He said. “ Now remember you can always blow the engine up. You did plant an explosive on the vessel didn’t you? One that could stop her and send her adrift?” The Major inquired.

“ Yeah, I put a bomb aboard. But I was rushed. May have made it more powerful than I intended. Could end up blowing the whole back side apart.” She told him.

“ And your point being?”

“ They could die.”

“ Why are you concerning yourself with that now Miss Tyler? You’ve always been able to kill from a distance with no concerns before!”

“ Yeah, but that was war and this is something else.”

“ Well we either stop them and find out that they are the right folk or you can kiss your bounty goodbye. And I will tell you Miss Tyler it is quite a considerable amount. I have every confidence in your ability to have constructed the explosive properly. What’s say you give it a try?”

“I can’t do that!” She was a little surprised at herself for hesitating.

What he had said had been true. She had blown up many things. Not given a second thought to the people around or inside. She had separated any feelings or conscious of what she’d done for so long a time now. What was making this different? She pulled the control remote from her pants pocket. The red button the color of blood. It would be so easy. Just push it. Stop that craft. A disabled craft would certainly attract the attention of the planet patrol. She had prepared the bomb right she just knew it, didn’t she?

“Why don’t you push the button yourself Major Knotsworth?” She waited for his reply.

“Well, that’s because you have a dedicated switch box my girl. The only signal it can receive is from you. You know that. You’re letting yourself slip. Come on Jessica, it’s a lot of money. You could retire and get back to see your folks. Go ahead……….and just to add to a positive point of interest Bentley has tracked the craft to somewhere on planet. It isn’t like they’d be marooned out in space. Come on, I’ll count it down with you. 3...2...1

Jessica gripped the remote tightly.


Back aboard Serenity;

“3...2...1...we’re out of atmo. This ones in the books boys and girls!” Wash turned off the COM mic. Another job well done.

In the galley Mal Reynolds, Jayne, Kaylee and Zoe gathered to distribute the coin of success. They would give Book a cut too. Even though he chose not to include himself in most of their pirate activities he was instrumental in helping out in this case. It was legit after all and helped Badger acquire a new mode of transportation. A ruggedly built, sturdy, custom painted hovercraft.

“ Kaylee!” Mal looked at his ship’s mechanic.“ What did you do with Gentle’s things?”

“ You told me to get rid of them! I found some of her things in the engine room.” She answered.

“Yeah and so.” Mal queried.

“ I put them in Badger’s hovercraft! There was plenty of room in those rear compartments. He can get rid of them later if he wants.” She finished.


Badger stood several yards away from his pretty, new toy.

“Roster! Bring me that capture so I can document this vehicle before I get her back into town and somebody scratches her.”

“Sure thing boss.” Roster said.

Badger brought the capture up to his line of vision.

“ Smile pretty for the camera my baby!” He grinned.

Just then a huge explosion ripped through the finely crafted vehicle. Shards and pieces went flying in every direction.

The king of Persephone’s underworld was shocked. He stood there like a stone statue. The hovercraft was one big heap of charred metal. The capture fell from his hands to the ground.

Roster picked it up.

“ Dang boss what a mess. You did get a great picture though. Look at all the parts flying every which way, and the fire. Don’t think I’ve seen a brighter shade of orange!”

The end.


Sunday, January 3, 2010 6:59 PM



Badger's going to be PISSED though.


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