PAY DIRT part 6
Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Part 6 out of 7 chapters of the PAY DIRT fan-fic story arc is now up. Hope the ride has been a fun one so far and worth the reading. This chap is a little short….sorry, just turned out that way. The final will be quite a bit longer, so I hope the reader will stay interested. See you for the final in a day or two…..Z



Part 6

Seagull Canyon

Seagull Canyon was nothing like it’s namesake. There were no seagulls and very few birds for that matter… and it was about as far away from any big body of water as any place could be. It’s name had come from something of a joke.

Before the Mudwater Mines were discovered miners from all over the verse and from almost every walk of life had come here to make their fortune on Hatcher. The get rich quick idea has always been a popular one. One of those early-day miners named Biff had said that the cliffs of the gorge had reminded him of the cliffs of his home planet. Those shoreline cliffs had been heavily populated by a multitude of seagulls, and those birds had resided in the many cliff tunnels on the face of the ocean view walls. This was how the area had gotten it’s name.

The canyon was seldom visited………and cliff dwelling animals rarely made pilgrimages there. It was a very popular a place…… ironically it was perfect for Serenity.

Wash found a level ledge wide enough to accommodate the little transport and the talented pilot landed the Firefly expertly..…. no wrinkles. Mal engaged the rest of the crew to set about camouflaging the boat and soon the vehicle became just part of the canyon sidewall.

“ Easy as Boros Pie.” Mal said to the crew. “ Now we’ll sit back a few days and see if the Shepherd can communicate what’s going on.”

There was one thing that was on everyone’s mind, THE LOOT! The crew were on edge as to find out what the haul had gained them and what each cut would be. Mal got on the ship’s com system.

“ Ok everybody, to the galley……time to divvy up!” He smiled at his pilot.


Back in Mudwater the town was a mess. People were running around here and there, the authorities had been notified and pretty much the community was put on lock-down. This was all very confusing to Sky. Not only was the town going crazy but Reverend Dempsey had made some rather odd request of him. The young man had been given one solid cylinder of what looked to be gold and told to head south to Kemper’s Bend, a place two miles south of Wallow Pass, insert the cylinder into a wooden float and throw it into the creek, then he was to head north to Seagull Canyon find the crew of Serenity and deliver a package to the captain.

Sky’s faith had been gaining by leaps and bounds. First of all he never dreamed he’d have a date with a girl like Kaylee. Second, folks in the community seemed to have become more courteous towards him. He could only contribute it to his faith and the mentoring of Reverend Dempsey. The last thing the good preacher had told him had really confused his thoughts though.

“ When you find and link up with Serenity. You are going to witness a miracle. Do not question it, only take what is given to you and go to Templeton’s Junction. Find a man there named Freddy Three Fingers and propose to him what you have.”

“Rev. Dempsey……..isn’t Templeton an unlawful place of blasphemy? A place where no respectable follower should show their face?”

“True my brother, but isn’t it a place also similar to where our Redeemer did his best work? Remember, in “ The Book of Believers”

‘I do my worship!”

“Good then… GO! Make your way and TRUST in Him Who is Worthy” The Reverend said. “ Oh, also make sure that Serenity retains one of the wooden boxes with them. Even if you have to hide it in the ship somewhere.” His speech ended.

Sky did as he was bid. The cylinder established into the creek and immediately it began to flow southward. Sky then headed north to find Serenity.


Back On Serenity

Mal Reynolds had assembled his crew ready to open the boxes of their latest conquest. There were six small containers. Wooden boxes about the size of your average hoop ball (10 inches square).

“ Time to see what we’ve spent the last eight days on this rock for.” The captain said. He opened the first box.


Malcolm ran his fingers through the first layers contained in the box.”


The captain upended the container. It piled atop the galley table just like a lunar dune across the surface of a desert moon.

Mal Reynolds was devoid of comment. His mouth hung open and his face seemed as one of disbelief. He looked at his crew. Their expressions were the same. He cleaned the table off shuffling all the grit back into the container it had been spilled from.

“ Jayne bring me another one!”

Again Malcolm upended the box. This time more dirt fell out of the box along with two gold cylinders that made a chiming noise as they landed atop the galley table.

“ Two bars….that‘s all?!!” He voiced.

Another box was brought and it contained no cylinders just soil, then another and it contained two cylinders like the other. Finally every box was upended and there, after all, were five golden cylinders together in a pile of worthless canyon soil.

Mal was beyond himself in blind psycho brain babble. He would have executed Book right then and there if the poor Shepherd had been present. WELL……maybe he wouldn’t have done that but Captain Reynolds was not very happy with the preacher for the moment.


Mal had risked life and limb and his crew over a bunch of gritty dirt and five bars of gold! Examining the bars more closely and the crew noticed that even the gold cylinders weren’t were what they were presumed to be. One of the cylinders had been scratched showing that it was actually a bar of lead. Lead, with a layer of polished brass coating the top of it. The Shepherd had obviously gotten the wrong Intel of which ferry shipment carried the real Mudwater treasure.

“ Wash!! Let me know the moment the Shepherd makes contact!” Mal told his pilot. Book was as good gone.

End Part 6


Wednesday, December 2, 2009 4:47 PM


...Hmmm... Either the crew was never meant to intercept Book's messages, or this is one impressively elaborate scheme by Book to make Mal a believer again.


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