Episode 1: A Dream Come True
Monday, February 5, 2007

TV Script for Firefly season 2, episode 1, picks up about a month after the "Serenity" movie. I've tried to keep it as true to Joss Whedon and the original Firefly as I could.



By FLAME Written July 20, 2006

Synopsis: This episode picks up almost immediately after the "Serenity" movie. The crew is trying to come to grips with the events of Miranda, and trying to find work. They take on a passenger and a smuggling job, but get much more than they bargained for.


EXT. SERENITY – NIGHT – The ship is gliding through space. We zoom in, almost as if we're going to collide with her, but she passes out of frame to our left and we are caught in her glowing trail. That glow fills the screen for a second, then we're back in space and steadily closing in on a brownish-colored moon.

That moon fills the screen and becomes –

ZOE's eye. We pull back from ZOE's lovely iris. She blinks and we see that we're in –

INT. CREW QUARTERS – NIGHT – and ZOE is laying in bed on her side. She rolls over to reveal WASH staring up at the ceiling. Everything is bathed in a slightly warm golden glow, not unlike the glow of Serenity's tail.

ZOE cuddles up to WASH.

WASH: We should visit my mom. You'd like her. She's a warrior woman, too.

ZOE: Really?

WASH: And she's mean like you.

ZOE sits back, indignant, giving him the stinkeye.

ZOE: What?

WASH: She has this look – Yeah! That's the one! Wow, that's creepy. I thought you'd never met her.

ZOE smiles wryly and lays back down, with her head on his chest.

ZOE: It's part of our highly secret warrior woman training.

WASH: I knew it! (laughs) I think my mom could have put a serious hurtin' on me, too, but she never did. She'd just give my brother and me that look.

He strokes her hair.

ZOE: And did it work?

WASH: Well, yeah. No child can defy the Eye of Doom.

ZOE: And no husband, either.

WASH: I am totally at your mercy.

ZOE: Mmm. I like that idea.

ZOE gives him the passionate warrior wife kissing, then lets him up for air.

WASH: Sugar muffin, when are we gonna settle down?

ZOE: This ain't "settled"?

WASH: This aint even "drifting in a downward direction." No, definitely more of a "constant, crazy tornado" thing.

ZOE: We've been over this, smootchy buns. You're a pilot, I'm a soldier. What else are we going to do?

WASH: We could get our own ship, Zoe. Make with a little less of the murder and mayhem and a little more with the legitimate business enterprises.

ZOE lays back on the bed, her head on her pillow. Her jaw has a stubborn set.

CLOSE IN: ZOE head and shoulders.

ZOE: Any ideas what those legitimate enterprises might be?


ZOE (cont'd): Wash?

OFF ZOE as she turns to face WASH, only it isn't WASH –



ZOE snaps awake.

She's in her bed, alone. Everything is not in a warm glow, but is gray and cool and kinda dark. We might notice a few dinosaurs and a Hawaiian shirt in the background as her eyes fall shut.



ZOE: We need to draw them til it's done. This is the place. We'll buy you the time.

JAYNE: Move those crates back there for cover – and make sure they ain't filled with anything goes boom.

KAYLEE: Wait, Wash – where's Wash?

ZOE: He ain't comin'.

KAYLEE is horrified. INARA, SIMON and JAYNE are silent for a beat. Then –

JAYNE: Move the gorram crates! Come on!

Savage howls O.S. MAL moves to the door, JAYNE beside him. Reavers rush toward them.

MAL: Tell me you brought 'em this time...

JAYNE tosses MAL a grenade, pulls out his own. They both twist the grenades and toss them into the hall. MAL slams the door shut and the grenades explode. Everyone is taking position behind the crates, ZOE is calmly loading her mare's leg.

MAL: Zoe, are you here?

She looks up at him.

ZOE: Do the job, sir.

MAL: You hold. Hold till I'm back.

MAL exits, locking eyes with INARA as he goes by. Camera angle here is different than in the original movie, tighter on he and INARA, rather than the room and the rest of the crew. Sad anguish on her face.

Then we're MAL's POV, retreating down the corridor, but still looking at INARA, who is now standing at the end of the hallway and growing smaller – corridor's a lot longer than it was in the movie.

INARA: This isn't the war, Mal.

Suddenly, cuz it's, y'know, a dream, INARA has turned into CARON, the scientist from Miranda.

CARON: There's been no war here, and no terraforming event.

CARON's voice becomes a narrative, as we angle on MAL, who is still walking down that incredibly long corridor, which is now littered with decomposed bodies. Bodies from Miranda, bodies from Serenity Valley –

MAL steps over bodies as CARON continues –

CARON (V.O.): It's the Pax, the G-32 Paxilon Hydroclorate that we added to the air processors. There's 30 million people here and they all just let themselves die. About a tenth of a percent of the population had the opposite reaction. Their aggressor response increased... beyond madness.

The bodies MAL is stepping over have become increasingly grotesque.

One leaps up behind him –


ANGLE on MAL as he whips around, his face wide-eyed yet pissed and determined and hard ass –


MAL jerks awake in his bunk, his face with the same look as we just came off of in his dream. His face relaxes, he takes a deep breath, then –

CAMERA RISES – through the ceiling, which becomes the floor of the fore interior corridor –

INT. CORRIDOR – Filled with bodies. As we proceed down it, the bodies look suspiciously like...

KAYLEE shot in the neck by Reavers... then ZOE with her back slashed open...

CAMERA ANGLE on SIMON. He's making his way from the engine room –

INT. SERENITY GALLEY – CONTINUOUS – We might notice that they are various folks killed by the Operative, people killed by RIVER in the Maidenhead...

INT. SERENITY FORE CORRIDOR – CONTINUOUS – Again with the bodies. This time they are DERRIAL BOOK and the people of Haven –

INT. SERENITY BRIDGE – CONTINUOUS – SIMON approaches the pilot's chair, which we see contains an impaled WASH.

SIMON stumbles back, a look of utter disgust and anguish on his face, more emotion that we usually see from him. In tears, he chokes –

SIMON: I just wanted to keep her safe!

Suddenly JAYNE is standing there with a big red gash across his chest.

JAYNE: Oh, and neither is she exactly helpless! So where's it writ we gotta lay down our lives for her, which is what you steered us toward.


SIMON sits up, snapping out of sleep and into frame. He is shirtless and sweating.

KAYLEE (O.S., sleepy murmur): You OK, honey?

SIMON lays back in his bed, and we see that KAYLEE is also there, unclothed, under his bed sheet.

As he speaks, the CAMERA MOVES through the walls from SIMON to –


RIVER laying on her back in her bunk, awake, and softly speaks SIMON's words –

RIVER/SIMON (O.S.): Just a bad dream.


RIVER: Time to wake up.


Ba da da-da da dum... Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand, I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take the sky from me...


EXT. DAY – Serenity is setting down just outside a small dusty town on a small dusty planet named Whittier. The place has the look of a shanty town, and that's being generous.

EXT. SERENITY – Landed, cargo bay door open, MAL, JAYNE and KAYLEE walking down the ramp. SIMON is in the background, taking in the local color. Which is basically beige, taupe and tan, with a few splashes of brown.

MAL: Keep the engine warm, we shouldn't be long. I don't want to spend a second longer than I have to on this rock.

KAYLEE: You want I should post for passengers while I'm waiting, cap'n? (scans the town, unsure) If there's a way to post for passengers here...

JAYNE: No ruttin' way! Look what happened last time we took on baggage.

JAYNE glances back at SIMON.

KAYLEE: Simon and River ain't baggage! Cap'n, tell Jayne they ain't baggage.

JAYNE: I'm just sayin'...

MAL: We should oughta lay low, Kaylee. Might be the Alliance'll forget all about us, might be they're madder than a fistful of rattlesnakes. Till we know, no passengers. (Mostly to himself) ...I don't need any more surprises.

MAL, ZOE and JAYNE head off toward the town. KAYLEE turns a hopeful smile to SIMON, who steps into frame.

KAYLEE: You wanna walk through town, Simon? Take only 10 minutes all the way to the end and back.

SIMON (glancing around): No, I, uh, think I've seen enough, bao bei.

KAYLEE: I guess if you've seen one scrub bush, you've seen em all, right?

He wipes a streak of dirt off her cheek. Affectionately.

SIMON: I need to take inventory in the infirmary. We're running low on several supplies, and the med kit I brought from Osiris a year ago is just about empty.

They smile wanly at each other, and SIMON heads off as he says –

SIMON (cont'd): I can't believe it's been a year...

ANGLE ON the open ramp and KAYLEE standing alone, staring into the desert. A tumbleweed rolls by.

KAYLEE (to herself) Happy anniversary.

EXT. TOWN – DAY – MAL, ZOE and JAYNE walk down what passes for a “main street” in this place.

JAYNE: Tell me again what're we doing here? Transporting a load of ... dirt?

MAL: According to Fanty and Mingo, the disreputable folks meant to run this leg of a smuggling job came up against some trouble.

ZOE: It boggles the mind those two still want to work with us.

JAYNE: Certain sure, I'd be holding a grudge, if I was them.

MAL (to JAYNE): If you was them, you'd be mincing about in some fancy pants and calling me “precious.”

ZOE: Thank you for that mental image, sir. I was having enough trouble sleeping...

MAL: Grudges don't get business done. Fanty and Mingo need some disreputable folks, we need some money. Can't afford to be picky and choosy. (beat) And they didn't even bring up the Lilac job.

ZOE: Ain't that a mite suspicious, sir? They did want a larger cut of that haul and they never got it.

JAYNE: On account of River going ho tze goh se (ape crap) and trashing their bar.

MAL: We stop dealing with suspicious characters, we might as well set up one of these lemonade stands (gestures to the shanties) and start calling this place home.

JAYNE (glancing around): Like hell.

MAL: Exactly.

EXT. TOWN – CONTINUOUS – MAL, ZOE and JAYNE stop outside one lean-to, larger than the rest, with a ragged silk banner flapping outside and a grimacing sentinel at the door.

MAL: Morning, friend.

SENTINEL (in anything but a friendly tone): It's 3 o'clock.

MAL: Afternoon, friend. This Ray Chen's place?

Beat while the SENTINEL says nothing.

MAL (cont'd): Is Ray Chen in? We've got some personal business with him.

The SENTINEL steps aside and they pass through the door.

INT. GAMBLING HOUSE – CONTINUOUS – MAL, ZOE and JAYNE enter to find a pitiful collection of fan tan tables and a few even more pitiful characters hunched over them. Camera pans around room and comes to rest on JAYNE.

JAYNE: We are getting paid for this job, right? In money?

OFF MAL, ZOE and JAYNE's faces to –

EXT. SERENITY – KAYLEE is still here, watching a few dusty folks shuffle between the maze of shanties. She notices one not-quite-so-dusty folk heading toward Serenity.

This is NOLA BYRNE. About 30 years old, short cropped reddish-blond hair, earthy but not unattractive, though her steel-toed boots and the large pistol strapped to her leg discourage advances from anyone who happens to find her type more appealing than KAYLEE's girl-next-door beauty or INARA's elegant allure. She wears padded leather gloves with open finger holes and carries two rucksacks, one smallish, one large. She's decked out in a tight t-shirt, a vest with several pockets, cargo pants and a belt with ammo, etc. Wearing sunglasses. There's a bit of Irish to Nola, or what Irish-ness remains in the 'verse, leftover from Earth-That-Was.

NOLA approaches, checking out the ship, Kaylee. She stops a few feet from the base of the ramp, studying Serenity with apparent interest.

NOLA: Hi, there. This your ship?

KAYLEE: Yup. Well, I ain't the captain, just the mechanic.

NOLA: She's got a kind of pretty about her.

KAYLEE: Most folks jus' see a bucket of feh wu.

NOLA: No, not at all. Fireflies are some of the best ships ever made.

NOLA whips off the sunglasses and flashes a warm, friendly smile.

KAYLEE: Best in the 'verse. (looks wistful) She's been through a lot.

NOLA (fixes her gaze on KAYLEE): Yourself too?


NOLA: You been through a lot?

KAYLEE: You might could say that.

NOLA: A good mechanic could keep her in the air for a lifetime.

KAYLEE gives NOLA a big smile and is happy to talk to someone new.

KAYLEE: I couldn't do it alone, though. We got a shiny crew.

NOLA: Of course. Couldn't keep a top-notch mechanic with any less.

KAYLEE: The captain, he's a little mean sometimes, and Zoe's kinda quiet-like, more now than ever. But our doc, he's my sweetheart, and we got Jayne, and even a registered companion.

NOLA: So many fine folks.

KAYLEE: I'm sorry, I'm blabbering. You the local law? Are we allowed to park here...?

NOLA laughs a very hearty, contagious laugh.

NOLA: You could land about 200 yards that way (waves her sunglasses back toward the shanty town) and I wouldn't shed a tear.

KAYLEE: 'Cept maybe from all the dust it'd stir up.

They laugh. NOLA takes a step up the ramp, extending her hand. KAYLEE takes a few steps toward her and they shake hands warmly.

NOLA: Nola Byrne, here.

KAYLEE: I'm Kaylee.

NOLA: Pleased to make your acquaintance. I'll tell you what, Kaylee, I'm wantin' desperately to get off o' this rock. Not many ships come through here, and none so fine as this.

KAYLEE's not immune to flattery about Serenity, but the captain gave orders.

KAYLEE: We ain't taking on passengers.

NOLA: What's your usual fare? I'll pay double for your trouble. In advance. Aren't you a registered transport?

KAYLEE: Well, yeah, but – I'll have to ask the captain.

NOLA: Of course. I'd be happy to talk to him...

KAYLEE: He's not here, right now. Don't know when he'll be back.

NOLA smiles pleasantly but her voice is determined.

NOLA: I'll wait.

INT. RAY CHEN's BACK OFFICE – If you can call it an office. More like a broom closet. Barely room for MAL, so ZOE and JAYNE hover outside the doorway with RAY CHEN's man ZHANG.

MAL is having a chat with RAY CHEN, who turns out to be a woman. Maybe. Hard to tell. She's older, 50s, with way too much makeup and a voice that sounds like she's been smoking unfiltered cow dung since she was 10.

RAY CHEN: I've got 12 crates need to be dropped on Santo. Here are the coordinates.

She hands MAL a small computery looking card.

MAL: We just leave them at the drop point, or will someone be there to meet us?

RAY CHEN: Just leave them. They'll be picked up as soon as you leave. Think you can handle that?

MAL: Judging by the looks of this thriving metropolis, I'd say you're not used to dealing with folks who can get anthing done, so I won't take offense to your doubting me and my crew.

RAY CHEN: The men you're replacing didn't find the job so easy.

MAL: Alliance after these goods?

RAY CHEN: The less you know, the better. Just do the job, and do it quickly.

MAL: That's the idea.

RAY CHEN: Zhang! You and the boys take the goods to Mr. Reynolds' ship.

MAL: Not to bring up the vulgar topic of money in such a – fine – establishment at this, but how do I get paid if there's no one to meet us?

RAY CHEN tosses him a silk pouch with jangly coins.

RAY CHEN: Twenty percent now, the rest will be on Santo, at the drop coordinates. An – intelligent – gentleman such as yourself should have no problem finding it.

CAMERA ON: MAL's face, reacting to her sarcasm with a tight-lipped, unpleasant smile.

MAL: Shiny.


MAL, ZOE and JAYNE are nearing Serenity, see KAYLEE and NOLA chatting on the ramp. KAYLEE and NOLA see them. MAL and ZOE look prepared for trouble. JAYNE is checking out NOLA with interest.

JAYNE: Who's this?

MAL (to KAYLEE): Is there a problem?

NOLA (with a disarming grin) Nola Byrne. (extends hand to MAL)

KAYLEE: She wants to fly out with us.

MAL looks at NOLA's hand but doesn't take it.

MAL: Well, that is a problem. I said no passengers.

KAYLEE: But, she can pay.

MAL: What part of “no” means “yes, if they can pay”? I ain't got room on my boat –

JAYNE: She can share my bunk.

KAYLEE (ignoring JAYNE): Double, cap'n.

MAL: Shuh muh? (what?)

KAYLEE: She'll pay double our – usual fare. (encouraging smile) In advance.

MAL looks at NOLA. NOLA's looking right back at him with a level gaze while he sizes her up.

NOLA (wryly): I'll curl up in the corner, you won't even know I'm here.

MAL's POV: OFF NOLA to RIVER, who we see lurking in the background.

MAL and RIVER make eye contact for a beat.

RIVER shrugs and nods encouragingly, as if to answer the unasked question, “Is she ok?” in MAL's eyes with “Yeah, sure.”

MAL (to NOLA): You pay up front.

NOLA (As if she hadn't just said she would): Of course.

MAL: And I got rules. You don't take a step unless one of the crew is in sight of you. No waves sent or received without my permission. And you do anything even looks like you're a threat to me or my crew, I put you out the airlock without a suit. Jiao yi? (Deal?)

NOLA (to KAYLEE): Is he always this hospitable? Must've earned you 5 stars in the transport registry.

NOLA pulls a wad of cashy money out of one of her pockets. Tosses it to MAL. He catches it.

MAL: I'm doing you a favor.

NOLA: And I'm forever grateful, Captain ...?

MAL: Just captain, that's all you need to know.

NOLA: Aye, aye, Captain Captain.

MAL tucks the money away without counting it just as –

EXT. SERENITY – Three SCRUFFY LOCALS show up on a smallish transport, pulling a futuristic flatbed loaded with 12 large, shiny, 3x3-foot silver boxes with handles on all four sides.

CAMERA ON – the crew watching as they back it right up to Serenity's ramp and then start quickly and efficiently unloading. Each crate seems to require 3-4 people and/or a largish dolly to move them.

MAL (to ZOE, JAYNE): Let's get this cargo loaded.

ZOE immediately heads off to help MAL and the SCRUFFY LOCALS. JAYNE does not.

KAYLEE (to NOLA): That there's Zoe, and this is Jayne.

NOLA: Jayne? And here I thought Jayne was a woman.

JAYNE: Well I ain't!

NOLA: I see that.


CARGO BAY – CONTINUOUS – JAYNE heads off to help MAL, ZOE and the SCRUFFY LOCALS stow the crates.

We might see that each crate has a row of tiny blinking blue lights along one edge and each looks like it could open with a hinged lid at the top.

JAYNE's working, but he's got one eye on NOLA. MAL sees him looking at NOLA.

MAL: Jayne, she's a paying passenger. You lay a finger, or anything else, on her, for any reason – unless I tell you to – you'll find that appendage floating in the black, possibly with – or without – your body attached. Dong ma?

JAYNE: Jesus, Mal, who do you think I am?

MAL: You're a feh feh pi goh (baboon's ass crack), which is why we're having this conversation.

JAYNE drops his side of a crate petulantly, just as –

INARA appears on the stairs, coming down from her shuttle, looking elegant and clean as always.

INARA: What have we here?

MAL: A transport run. Tools, crop seed, med supplies.

INARA: Well, it's nice to see one of us has found work.

That apparently touches a nerve in MAL, a dark look passes over his face.

INARA moves past MAL to KAYLEE and NOLA.

ZOE (quietly to MAL): That really what we got here, sir?

MAL: I haven't the foggiest notion.

MAL nods to the grunts who dropped the goods, and they head off in their now empty vehicle.

JAYNE: Why don't we open 'em up, take a look see? Might be something's gonna explode on us.

MAL: Can't. They're locked.

ZOE: Might explode if we open them. Couldn't Kaylee override the combination sequence?

MAL: Whatever it is, they went to a length and a half to keep it safe and snug. I don't want them getting a whiff that we plundered their goods. Hard enough to find work, as it is.

JAYNE: They're gorram heavy enough. Could be gold.

MAL: And could be a batch of left-handed backscratchers. Our business is to transport 'em, not take inventory. (To ZOE) Here, get her ready to head out.

MAL hands ZOE the computery card with the drop off coordinates.

ZOE: I'm on it.

ZOE exits to the bridge.

Meanwhile, RIVER is wandering between the rows of crates, running her fingers over the tops of each, tracing the blue lights. MAL watches her.

RIVER: Everyone is dreaming.

MAL (unsure): Right.

RIVER (pauses at one crate and breaks into a girlish smile): Bunny rabbits!

CAMERA ON: MAL's bemused reaction as he heads up the stairs to the bridge.

JAYNE hits the button to close the ramp, lingering to eyeball the trio of KAYLEE, INARA and NOLA, who are making small talk. The exchange with JAYNE, while barbed, is played lightly.

INARA (to NOLA): I've been on Serenity for nearly two years and have come to love the crew dearly –

INARA sees JAYNE loitering nearby.

INARA (cont'd) Well, most of them.

All three women turn and look at JAYNE.

JAYNE: What?

KAYLEE: You're staring.

JAYNE: Am not.

KAYLEE: Don't you have something to do?

JAYNE: I might have a little business... in my bunk.

OFF KAYLEE and INARA rolling their eyes –

EXT. – SPACE – As Serenity shoots away from the planet and into the black of space.

INT. COMMON AREA – A LITTLE LATER – KAYLEE leads NOLA out of the cargo bay and toward the berths in the back.

KAYLEE: You don't gotta sleep on the floor. We've got lots of empty rooms. This is the common area, and there's the infirmary.

SIMON is inside the infirmary. He sees KAYLEE with NOLA and comes to the door.

SIMON: We have a guest.

KAYLEE (to SIMON): Hey, you. (A bit of showing off) Nola, this is Simon.

NOLA, smiling, extends her hand to shake SIMON's.

SIMON (politely): How do you do.

NOLA: Well, if I feel poorly, you'll be the first to know.

SIMON gives her his chilly, tight-lipped smile. KAYLEE continues the tour.

KAYLEE: There's the bathroom. Only, there's no proper bath in it, so I don't know why it's called a bathroom. Your room's back here.

INT. PASSENGER DORMS – CONTINUOUS – KAYLEE pauses a moment in the middle of the hall between the two empty rooms. She turns to the left.

KAYLEE: This here's the bigger of the two. It ain't much, but it was Shepherd Book's room, when he was with us.

NOLA: Thank you, Kaylee. It's like a palace, compared to that chunk of rock behind us.

KAYLEE: Or Jayne's bunk.

NOLA: Speaking of chunks of rock. Is he your security officer?

KAYLEE: Jayne? Yeah – um – I guess you could say that. I gotta go up to the engine room, make sure Serenity's alright now we cleared atmo. But, you need anything, there's a comm right there. Or you can ask Simon.

NOLA: Xie xie, sweetie.

KAYLEE turns to go, then stops and turns back.

KAYLEE: You know, you never asked where we was goin'. Don't it matter where you end up?

NOLA tosses her bags on the bunk.

NOLA: Not a bit. So long as it's "away."

KAYLEE smiles a little bit in acknowledgment, exits up the stairs.

NOLA opens the larger of her two rucksacks and pulls out what looks like a laptop of the future. The screen comes to life, and she hits a few buttons, starts typing.

CUT TO – INT. SERENITY CARGO BAY. The crates. On one of them, the blue lights stop pulsing, and go out, to be replaced by a single red light.

Then, with a slight sucking sound, the top of the crate shifts just an inch, begins to slowly open, though we can't see what's inside...



INT. SERENITY CARGO BAY – Back to the cracked open crate. The crate opens further to reveal a rough-looking character who is decidedly not crop seed nor med supplies. Nor bunny rabbits.

LUCIEN glances cautiously around, pulling oxygen plugs from his nose and taking a Big Ass Gun out of the crate. He clicks a small futuristic remote in his other hand, and one of the other crates changes silently from blinking blue to single red lights.

INT. BRIDGE – STARRY NIGHT – ZOE is piloting Serenity. MAL enters.

MAL: You alright?

ZOE: I watched my husband do this enough times. I think I know which switches to flip.

INARA enters.

INARA: I'm glad you've found a job, Mal.

MAL: But. There is a but, right?

INARA: I know it's been difficult for you to find work ever since – (she pauses)

MAL: Ever since what, Inara? Since the word went out that working with Malcolm Reynolds is a one-way ticket to taking a swim in a pool of your own blood? Or do you mean that it's been difficult ever since I lost my pilot?


INARA glances at ZOE, who is grim but silent, looking ahead out the window.

MAL: Or, it's been difficult ever since we broadwaved a report that the Alliance let 30 million people die, covered it up, and – oh – created the Reavers that raped, murdered, tortured and generally terrorized any jasper unlucky enough to live on the edge of the 'Verse?

INARA: It would be easier for all of us if we went somewhere I could work. If I had clients, I could at least pay you the rent for my shuttle –

MAL: Technically it's my shuttle if you haven't paid.

INARA: Yes, and I'd like to remedy that.

MAL: Inara, you've been on this boat plenty long enough to know how we live. You're the one who chose to stay.

INARA: You seemed pleased with that decision at the time.

MAL: I was – am – pleased, Inara. When I thought that staying with us meant you would quit.

INARA: Quit?

MAL: You know, being a –

ZOE is giving him a look out of the corner of her eye.

MAL (to ZOE): What? Fly the ship.

ZOE: The course is laid in, sir. If you don't mind, I'm going to turn in early. The bridge is yours.

ZOE gets up and heads to her bunk, a small smile to INARA as she exits.

INARA: I need my shuttle, Mal, and I need to get back to work. Did you think I would give up everything in my life to become a smuggler?

MAL: Smuggling is a noble and venerable line of work. Eve smuggled an apple to Adam, right under god's nose.

INARA: That's not exactly a shining example.

MAL(chuckling): Depends on what you think of god.

INARA: Didn't they get thrown out of paradise for that?

MAL is no longer chuckling. He turns away from her and sits down in the pilot's chair, looking out at the stars.

MAL: We've seen paradise, Inara, and it was called Miranda. I got no problem smuggling anything under the noses of them that created that place.

INARA softens with painful memories. She approaches MAL.

INARA: Mal, I –

MAL: We'll be on Santo in 42 hours. Should be able to scare up a few pantywaist popinjays willing to further your career there.

INARA: Then I'd better go get started on my social calendar. You know, I think you're slipping, Mal. We just had a conversation about my work and you didn't once use the word “whore.”

MAL: Does that disappoint you? Cuz, y'know, we could keep talking 'til I do.

INARA exits.

MAL (calls after her): Whore!

INT. CARGO BAY – CONTINUOUS – INARA is coming out onto the catwalk to go to her shuttle.

INARA (to herself): The man is impossible.

OFF INARA, PULL BACK and see three nasty-looking, well-armed thugs, LUCIEN, EEL and FARKAS, hiding behind some crates below the catwalk, looking up, cradling guns, as she passes. INARA enters her shuttle, shuts the door.


NOLA looks into the infirmary and sees that SIMON is not there, but she wanders in and looks around, seems to be assessing the room.

NOLA (to herself): Now, why would a fancy doctor stay on a ship like this?

NOLA glances up, through the infirmary window, into the lighted cargo bay.

NOLA'S POV: We see open crates and a growing mass of thuggery.

CAMERA ON: NOLA The wide-eyed look on her face tells us she probably wasn't the one who triggered the crates with her futuristic laptop, after all.

NOLA: Go neong yung duh... (son of a bitch...)

NOLA ducks away from the window, then slowly inches out of the infirmary –

INT. COMMON AREA – CONTINUOUS – NOLA edges back toward the stairs, keeping her eyes on the cargo bay. Just as she turns to ascend the steps, RIVER is right there, a breath away. Startles the bejeezus out of NOLA.

RIVER: Shhh. Don't let them hear you.

CONTINUOUS – RIVER leads NOLA down the hall to the passenger dorms.

NOLA (in a whisper): Who are –

RIVER (talking over the question): Simon's sister.

They stop at the ladder at the end of the corridor, which leads up to an engineering access crawlspace.

NOLA: There's –

RIVER (talking over the question, again): Cartons full of bad eggs.

RIVER turns her head, suddenly, as if she hears something. She seems to listen to nothing for a beat, then –

NOLA: Why –


NOLA looks back down the hall past RIVER, then turns and looks at the ladder. RIVER starts climbing. NOLA follows. RIVER opens an access panel and climbs inside.

CUT TO: INT. CARGO BAY – All of the crates are open, now, and we have 12 armed and dangerous-looking men, some in various pieces of wicked-looking leather and tattoos. The rest look to be in some kind of dark blue jumpsuit uniform.

LUCIEN holds a small device with a glowing screen showing the layout of Serenity (and probably info on her crew). He gestures silently for SHAO, DIRK, GUNNAR, and HERTZ to go up the stairs toward the FORE CORRIDOR and BRIDGE.

LUCIEN points to FARKAS, then to himself, then holds two fingers up, together. They will stay together in the cargo bay.

The rest, EEL, JAMESON, IMARAN, ADAIR, BRANDT and YORN are gestured to the other end of the ship. They are a deadly virus now spreading stealthily through Serenity.

CUT TO: INT. GALLEY – JAYNE is here eating something very loud and crunchy from a silver foil pack. A couple of empty silver foil packs are laying on the counter.

Through the crunching, he doesn't hear SHAO, DIRK, GUNNAR, and HERTZ come up the stairs, but we PULL BACK from crunchy JAYNE and see them head down the corridor and into the bridge.

INT. BRIDGE – CONTINUOUS – MAL is sitting in the pilot's chair, looking at space. He hears a small noise. Turning –

MAL: You come back to – ?

But before he can register that it ain't INARA, SHAO clocks him across the head with the butt of his rifle. MAL slumps from the pilot's chair.

CUT TO: INT. INARA's SHUTTLE – A luxurious space, much in contrast to the rest of Serenity. Not quite the same as in the first season. More on a royal blue, purple, turquoise and gold color scheme (rather than red), like a peacock's feathers. INARA is sitting at her cortex screen.

INARA: Santo.

INARA arranges mugshots by touching the screen. One fills the screen and we see LANCE – a man in his late 20s, handsome in a slicked, smarmy kind of way.

LANCE: My father owns the second largest casino on Santo and I would relish the opportunity to show you the size of my – game room. We could play – stud poker –


INARA shuts it off with a disgusted tap on the screen. She taps another mugshot and NEEL, a handsome salt-and-pepper haired gentleman about 40 begins reciting Sarojini Naidu from the screen.

SLOW PAN around INARA's pleased face as she listens.

NEEL: From groves of spice, O'er fields of rice, Athwart the lotus-stream, I bring for you, Aglint with dew, A little lovely dream. Sweet, shut your eyes, The wild fire-flies Dance through the fairy neem; From the poppy-bole For you I stole A little lovely dream...

Over NEEL's last few lines, we hear the sound of the shuttle door opening behind her, and we see over her shoulder that a dark figure has entered. INARA taps the screen and freezes NEEL in mid-stanza.

INARA: Just because I haven't paid rent does not mean you can override my lock code –

But her words abruptly stop as she turns to see that it's not MAL. Unless MAL got really big and ugly and started pointing guns at her. It's LUCIEN. Followed by FARKAS.

LUCIEN: Get up.

OFF INARA's stunned reaction – CUT TO:

ENGINE ROOM – KAYLEE and SIMON are here, canoodling in the hammock. KAYLEE is on the inside, near the wall. SIMON is laying on his side, to her right, facing her. Her head is cradled on his arm.

SIMON: Why would she want to leave so badly? Did she say?

KAYLEE: I thought it was kinda obvious. Who would want to stay on Whittier? Besides, River said she was safe.

SIMON: River. Actually said this woman was –

KAYLEE: Well, not in so many words, but if Nola was dangerous, wouldn't your sister... you know... know?

SIMON: I'm not sure. She's showing amazing improvement, she's more coherent, and she sleeps better. But she's still not the River I knew when we were children.

SIMON realizes that KAYLEE's face has gone white, her eyes wide. She's looking just over his shoulder.

KAYLEE (gurgled with fear): Oh.

SIMON: Kaylee, what's wr–

SIMON turns to see what she's looking at, and the barrel of a gun is right in his face.

OFF SIMON's face and the gun barrel CUT TO:


POV: JAYNE looking down the corridor to see SHAO, DIRK, GUNNAR and HERTZ, a biggie-size bunch of mean looking right at him. SHAO and DIRK are dragging a knocked out MAL, whose hands are tied behind his back.

CAMERA ON: JAYNE drops the silver foil packet to the floor, dodges back around the doorway for cover, and goes for his gun with whip quick motion just as –

SIMON (O.S.): Jayne!

POV: JAYNE down the aft corridor where KAYLEE and SIMON are being dragged at gunpoint out of the engine room by EEL, JAMESON and IMARAN.

POV: JAYNE back to the fore corridor, where SHAO and DIRK drop MAL unceremoniously on his face and aim their guns at JAYNE. GUNNAR and HERTZ not far behind them.

LUCIEN pounds up the stairs from the cargo bay and shoves his gun in JAYNE's face.

JAYNE (challenging): Is this all you got?

JAYNE glances back at SIMON and KAYLEE. He seems to be doing the math.

LUCIEN: You make any move besides dropping that gun, your captain, sawbones, and the little mechanic will all be dead before you can finish it.

For emphasis, we hear JAMESON cock his gun, which is pointed right at KAYLEE's head.

KAYLEE (whimpers)

JAYNE grimaces and drops his gun. EEL comes up to slap a restraint on JAYNE's wrists, behind his back.

INT. FORE CORRIDOR – CONTINUOUS – ZOE's bunk hatch opens with a clang, and she starts climbing out. She's calling out as if to MAL on the bridge –

ZOE: Captain, did we ever try contacting – ?

She falls silent as she looks up out of the hatch and into the barrels of GUNNAR and HERTZ's weapons. Then she looks over her other shoulder and sees MAL on the floor between SHAO and DIRK.

MAL (moans incoherently)

ZOE: I reckon it can wait, sir.

CUT TO: INT. CRAWLSPACE – RIVER and NOLA look down through a grating into the hallway, watch as ADAIR, BRANDT and YORN search the rooms below.

POV: RIVER looking through the grate –

BRANDT: The rooms are empty.

ADAIR: Let's see if they're done searching the upper deck.

AGAIN POV: RIVER looking down through the grate, we see ADAIR, BRANDT and YORN leave the area.

RIVER (quietly to NOLA): Follow me.

NOLA: Where are you going?

RIVER: We've got to restore Serenity.

RIVER starts to crawl away, along the air shaft.

CUT TO: INT. CARGO BAY – Bits of oxygen tubing laying around. The crates have been moved out of the way, stacked two or three high around the sides of the cargo bay, to leave the floorspace open.

JAYNE, ZOE, SIMON and KAYLEE are marched into the cargo bay by the thugs, all are restrained. MAL is dragged/carried, but he's starting to come around.

JAYNE: So, they was in the crates?

ZOE: Yes, Jayne, they were in the crates.

INARA is already down on the floor of the bay, with FARKAS. She's on her knees, facing the airlock, hands behind her back. FARKAS has a gun pointed at her.

MAL is dumped beside INARA.

INARA: Mal, are you hurt?

MAL sits up, shaking it off.

MAL: Other than the pounding in my head, my hands going numb, and the big fat lot of cheong bao ho tze wang ba dan (monkey raping bastards) I've got running around my ship, I've never felt better. You?

INARA: Unharmed. For the moment.

ADAIR, BRANDT and YORN enter from the common area as ZOE is pushed to her knees on the other side of MAL, followed by JAYNE, SIMON and KAYLEE.

JAYNE: But, how'd they breathe in there?

SIMON: They had air tanks inside the crates with them. Probably given a benzodiazapine to briefly sedate them.

MAL (to the thugs): Seems like a whole lotta fuss, boys. We've got nothing worth stealing, but you're welcome to as much nothing as you can carry.

He gets no response, just various mean looking pieces of weaponry trained on him and the crew.

JAYNE (to ZOE): They ain't feds, are they? (to the thugs) Are you?

No response.

SIMON (under his breath): Maybe they're looking for River.

ZOE: You think someone's still after her?

JAYNE: And we're s'posed to take them to Santo?

OFF the "Jayne, you dumbass" expressions of the others –

EXT. SPACE – NIGHT – We see a mid-sized transport ship docking with Serenity. It's a much sleeker, shinier spacecraft than Serenity, but nothing that necessarily suggests Alliance.

INT. CARGO BAY – Our crew watches the airlock expectantly. LUCIEN opens the door in the ramp, and reveals –

ADELAI NISKA. The grandfatherly-looking crime boss with an Eastern-European accent and a penchant for torture.

MAL: No, I don't think we're going to Santo.

NISKA: Malcolm Reynolds. So nice to see you again. Last time, we were interrupted before I could finish killing you.



INT. CARGO BAY – INARA, MAL, ZOE, JAYNE, SIMON, KAYLEE still lined up. NISKA smiling wickedly at them.

MAL: To the best of my recollection, which I'll admit is a mite fuzzy due to being mostly dead and all, you were doing more than killing.

NISKA approaches the kneeling crew.

NISKA: Yes, yes, but I see your ear has been reattached? And you are looking fit as a violin.

SIMON: Fiddle.

Everyone looks at SIMON.

SIMON (cont'd, more quietly): It's fit as a – fiddle.

MAL and NISKA turn back to each other.

MAL: I guess I'm a regular miracle of modern medicine.

NISKA: You are a regular needle in a haystack, Captain Reynolds. You disappeared for some time, it was hard to find you. Then I hear, Malcolm Reynolds, he makes a lot of people very angry, no one will give him work. I think, yes, he will be desperate. I wave carrot and you plod toward me like donkey.

NISKA pats MAL affectionately on the shoulder, then steps away and gestures to LUCIEN. They confer quietly.

JAYNE (to MAL): You're a jackass alright.

MAL: Not now, Jayne.

JAYNE: Hell, if I'da known this was coming, I'd have took my chances upstairs, while you were out cold. (to ZOE) If you'da just come up outta yer bunk about a spitting second sooner.

ZOE: Don't make this my fault.

JAYNE: We could still take 'em. Right, doc?

JAYNE elbows SIMON, who almost falls over as a result.

MAL: Well, we can't sit here and wait for Adelai Niska to make us a big pile of body parts.

KAYLEE (whimpers): Simon...?

SIMON: Don't worry, Kaylee, I'm sure the captain is concocting one of his usual, brilliant plans to save us from certain doom.

KAYLEE does not look comforted in the slightest.

MAL: Zoe –

MAL is interrupted by TEN MORE THUGS in blue jumpsuits, who enter the cargo bay from NISKA's ship.

ZOE: Sir?

MAL: Think you can handle about six armed freaks, with your hands tied behind your back?

ZOE: You know who could.

JAYNE puffs up his chest, says with determination –

JAYNE: Well, I'll try.

ZOE: I meant River.

JAYNE: Oh, yeah, right.

INARA: Where is River?

MAL (ominously): Where is Nola?

CUT TO: INT. ENGINE ROOM – It is empty and quiet. The engine is turning. We see a panel in the corner of the floor pop up and slide aside.

NOLA and RIVER emerge. NOLA is looking around cautiously, nervously, gun drawn, but RIVER calmly sits on the edge of the opening, like a kid on the side of a swimming pool.

RIVER leans back and looks out the door, down the corridor, then snaps back to an upright position.

NOLA (quietly): What now, little britches?

RIVER: First, you've got to trust me...


NISKA turns back to the crew.

NISKA: We haven't found your pilot. (to ZOE) Where is your man you ransomed from me?

ZOE (steely): He's not with us any more.

NISKA: Then he is the lucky one.

LUCIEN: And we didn't find the shepherd.

NISKA: Ah, yes. The holy man with a gun.

ZOE: He's dead, too.

NISKA: Tut tut. Such bad luck people have, Malcolm Reynolds, when they become your friends. And now, these friends will suffer, too.

NISKA gestures. EEL, JAMESON and FARKAS start menacingly toward the group.

INARA: Wait!

MAL (under his breath): Ai-yah. Tyen-ah... (Merciless hell...)

INARA: I have money. We could make a deal.

MAL: I thought you couldn't even pay your rent!

NISKA moves over to stand in front of INARA.

INARA: You must be aware that a registered companion has a great deal of wealth and influence at her disposal.

NISKA: You would buy this crew with money you earned by the sweat of your – brow?

INARA does her “I'm smiling but really on the inside I think you're a pig” smile. INARA is using her bestest sultry voice.

INARA: I have a schedule I need to keep on Santo, and would like to be on my way. I'm certain we would be able to reach some kind of – understanding?

NISKA: No. Is no deal. No amount of money will buy Mr. Reynolds, or anyone on his crew, this time.

MAL: Let the lady go on her way. She ain't on my crew, just a passenger.

NISKA: A passenger willing to pay a high price for you. Why is that?

INARA: I told you, I have business –

NISKA: And so do I. I am so excited, like the goat at Christmas.


NISKA (re: INARA): Take her.

IMARAN pulls INARA to her feet. MAL jumps up.

MAL: She ain't part of this!

FARKAS whomps MAL in the stomach with the butt of his big futuristic rifle.

MAL goes back to his knees.

NISKA leans over MAL.

NISKA: I am here for one thing and one thing, only. To make you suffer, then to make you die. This is my dream come true.

NISKA clasps his hands together in delight, grinning.

JAMESON whips out a very large knife and approaches INARA. The crew tenses and several things happen at roughly the same time –


SIMON: Don't!

MAL tries to get to his feet, and gets whacked in the kisser by FARKAS. MAL falls down.

ZOE jumps at FARKAS as he finishes whacking MAL, headbutts FARKAS in the kisser. BRANDT and YORN jump her from behind and push her back to her knees.

JAYNE springs at JAMESON, but gets SHOT by HERTZ. The sound is oddly muffled, and sends JAYNE reeling backward, ass over teakettle, to land at ADAIR's feet.

KAYLEE: Jayne!

It was one of those Alliance sonic rifles, so wasn't deadly, just painful. But, for good measure, ADAIR kicks JAYNE in the ribs.

FARKAS socks ZOE in the face, splitting the skin at her temple.

Meanwhile, JAMESON cuts off INARA's restraints and everyone else has settled down.

NISKA: I have no quarrel with the Companion Guild, and I will give them no quarrel with me. Ah, my son would kill me!

MAL (groans): Sounds like my kinda guy.

NISKA (to IMARAN): Keep her in my quarters. (to INARA) I will escort you to Santo, myself, and make the apologies for your delay.

INARA: But –

MAL: Just go, Inara!

IMARAN leads INARA away and they exit through the door in Serenity's airlock. She's outwardly composed, but has terror in her eyes.

NISKA: I have spent a lot of time and money to find you, Captain Reynolds. Some of your associates – the ones still alive – were eager to help.

MAL (to ZOE): Remind me to kill Fanty and Mingo for killing us.

ZOE: Yes, sir.

NISKA leans over JAYNE.

NISKA: You. I remember your face from the security feed. When you rescued Captain Reynolds, you killed many of my men. Their friends here – (he gestures to the assembled thugs) – they would like to make you suffer. But I am a gentleman, so – (NISKA moves to ZOE) – Ladies first.

OFF ZOE's bleeding face, looking coldly up at NISKA, CUT TO –

INT. SERENITY FORE CORRIDOR – RIVER is walking very deliberately, silently, barefootly, toward the bridge.

SHAO is in the pilot's seat and DIRK in the co-pilot's seat, both are busy at their respective control panels.

DIRK drops down and reaches under the control panel to mess with some wiring.

GUNNAR is standing up, behind them, his back to RIVER.

SHAO: I've got the coordinates set. Soon as we disengage, whatever pieces are left of the bei bi shiou ren (pathetic wretches) on this ship will be on their way to the middle of gorram no where.

CUT TO: INT. SERENITY DINING ROOM – NOLA, waiting just inside the doorway, gun drawn, watching RIVER and occasionally glancing back toward the engine room in case someone comes up that way. Of course, RIVER already knows no one is coming up that way.

GUNNAR (O.S.): And then boom.

CUT BACK TO: INT. BRIDGE – We are facing at the thugs, and past their shoulders we see RIVER approaching up behind them.

SHAO: Not that we'll be around to see it.

DIRK sits up from under the control panel and hits a few more buttons.

DIRK: I've bypassed the primary containment dialog and looped the back up safety systems.

CLOSE UP on the GUNNAR as he says –

GUNNAR: I'll go reroute the thermogauge.

GUNNAR turns to exit to the engine room – and is face-to-face with RIVER, who slams one fist into his windpipe. GUNNAR gurgles and staggers as SHAO and DIRK turn around to see why their pal is making noises like a backed-up toilet.

RIVER kicks GUNNAR in the gut, and he flies back into SHAO. Out of that kick, she rolls into DIRK, who has his gun drawn and is lifting it to shoot. She's rolled around his gun arm, grabs it in her right hand, her back is to the DIRK, she elbows him with her left arm and then punches him in the nose backhanded.

RIVER flips DIRK over onto his back and drops to the floor to punch him again, just as SHAO pushes GUNNAR off of him and raises his gun. She sweeps the feet out from under the SHAO, who hits his head on the edge of the control panel as he drops. He's out cold. RIVER pulls the gun out of GUNNAR's holster, and stands up from the pile of useless henchmen.

POV: RIVER as she looks back down the corridor at NOLA, who's approaching the stairs up to the bridge, in wide-eyed wonder.

NOLA: Note to self – don't piss off the ninja princess.

RIVER turns to the control panel and starts hitting buttons, undoing whatever it is the goons had done. Without turning around she says to NOLA, who's still standing there –

RIVER: Get ready, like I told you. You've got eight bullets, don't waste them.

NOLA opens her mouth to say something, but RIVER turns and answers her before she can say the words –

RIVER (cont'd): Don't worry, you've got good aim. Your father called you Eagle Eye.

RIVER turns back to the control panel.

OFF NOLA's reaction to Creepifying Psychic Girl –

CUT TO: INT. SERENITY CARGO BAY – Our gang is still on their knees here, with NISKA and 19 henchmen. (There were 12 in the boxes, 10 came off of NISKA's ship, and 3 are down on the bridge, for anyone keeping score.)

JAMESON and YORN have ZOE on her feet, and NISKA has a knife in his hand, approaching her. A nice menacing shot of the light glinting from the knife as it's waved in ZOE's face would be cliché, but so what?

RIVER's voice is heard coming from the back of the ship, in the passenger/infirmary area.

RIVER (O.S.): I wouldn't do that, if I were you.

Various crew reactions to the sound of RIVER's voice.

NISKA turns to LUCIEN, says –

NISKA: I thought you searched the ship. GO!!

He waves LUCIEN away to the back of the ship. LUCIEN, FARKAS and ADAIR exit. Now we're down to NISKA and 16 thugs.

NISKA turns back to ZOE, but then pauses. You don't get this far as a crime boss without instincts.

NISKA: Eel, you and Hertz, make sure all is going as planned. They should be finished on the bridge, by now.

EEL and HERTZ head up the stairs to the bridge. Niska and 14 thugs.

CUT TO: INT. SERENITY FORE CORRIDOR – EEL and HERTZ step out of the stairwell and into NOLA's sights.

CUT TO: INT. CARGO BAY – Our gang on the floor of the cargo bay react to hearing two shots fired. The thugs around them tense for action, when suddenly the cargo bay goes (mostly) dark.

NISKA: Oh, what is this?! Just kill them! KILL THEM ALL!

Three generic THUGS head up the stairs to the bridge to see about those shots that were fired.

Other THUGS scramble around in the dark.

SIMON and KAYLEE dodge behind some of the empty crates on the port side of the cargo bay.

SIMON: Turn around, back to back, we'll get out of these restraints.

MAL drops to the deck and rolls behind some crates on the starboard side.

NOLA drops down behind the very same stacked crates, having used them to climb down from the catwalk, rather than using the stairs. NOLA pulls her knife.

MAL: You?

NOLA: Wha–?

MAL rolls back and kicks her knife arm. The knife goes flying.

MAL: You set us up!

NOLA: Ow! You ungrateful weasel.

NOLA kicks him back.

MAL: Weasel?

The cargo bay is suddenly bathed in orange as the emergency lights come on, revealing BRANDT just over MAL's shoulder.

NOLA pulls her gun and fires one shot straight into BRANDT's chest. BRANDT hits the deck beside MAL.

NOLA (to MAL): I'm tryin' to help you!

MAL (looks at BRANDT's fallen body): Sorry, my bad.

CUT TO – JAYNE barrels into YORN and takes him down, kicking ass even while his hands are still bound.

ZOE likewise takes out JAMESON.

CUT TO – NISKA retreats toward the airlock.

CUT TO – NOLA scrambles after her knife, grabs it, then cuts MAL free.

NOLA: Didn't know dinner theater was included in the price of admission. Here.

NOLA hands MAL the knife and draws her gun again.

MAL looks at the knife, like "what am I supposed to do with this?"

MAL: I'd prefer the gun.

NOLA: Too bad.

MAL: Report?

NOLA: At least five hooligans are flat out, and your Mu Guiying controls the bridge. (Mu Guiying is a historic Chinese heroine)

CUT TO: INT. SERENITY AFT CORRIDOR – LUCIEN, FARKAS and ADAIR also heard the shots and are running toward the bridge.

CUT TO: INT. SERENITY BRIDGE – NIGHT – RIVER is crouched down, under the sabotaged panel.

She aims behind her with the gun in her hand, picks off ALL SIX THUGS who are converging on her, one shot for each, without even turning her head from what she's doing at the control panel.


Then, the three blue jumpsuits come up from the cargo bay. As the first two come around the corner, BAM, BAM.

The third pauses, hides behind the corner, then peeps out. BAM. We see a bullet hole in his forehead. He drops.

INT. SERENITY BRIDGE – CONTINUOUS – RIVER drops the gun and starts typing on the control panel.

CUT TO: INT. CARGO BAY – Back with MAL and NOLA, reacting to more shots overhead.

ZOE rolls behind the crates with them, looking up toward the direction of RIVER's shots.

The THUGS in the cargo bay fire a few shots in their direction.

Shots are being fired in SIMON and KAYLEE's direction, too.

ZOE: Do we have any weapons, sir?

MAL holds up NOLA's knife.

ZOE (cont'd): Any projectile weapons?

JAYNE is grappling with another THUG on the ground.

MAL cuts ZOE free, and ZOE leans over to grab BRANDT's gun. ZOE fires a few rounds across the cargo bay. A THUG drops.

NOLA is leaning around a crate with her gun, she drops a THUG.

NISKA is crouching off to one side, behind a crate. He's not liking the way this is going.

SIMON and KAYLEE's hands are free, and SIMON has picked up a fallen gun, begins returning fire.

SIMON (to KAYLEE): Stay down.

KAYLEE crouches down behind him and he shields her protectively.

The lights come back up.

A THUG goes for JAYNE, who has no cover.

BAM! BAM! BAM! NOLA and ZOE drop him before he shoots JAYNE.

We see NISKA running for the airlock, as IMARAN enters from the docked ship.

NISKA stops short when ZOE shoots IMARAN in the chest and he keels over in the doorway.

ONE LAST THUG leaps out from behind the crates near MAL, ZOE and NOLA.

MAL throws the knife, hits him square in the chest. THUG drops his gun and keels over.

MAL (to ZOE): See? It's a projectile weapon.

All thuggery and mayhem have deceased or ceased, respectively. NISKA raises his hands in the air as our crew slowly emerge from behind cover.

SIMON lowers his gun and helps KAYLEE to her feet.

ZOE aims right at NISKA.

MAL stands there glaring at NISKA for a beat, across the floor of bodies. Not unlike his earlier dream.

JAYNE: Hey, anybody gonna untie me?



EXT. SERENITY – NIGHT – We see NISKA's ship still attached to Serenity.

INT. SERENITY CARGO BAY – JAYNE, ZOE, MAL, NOLA and NISKA are there. NISKA is tied up this time, JAYNE is untied, and everyone has their own weapons back. Them as was hurt are bandaged up. The bodies of the THUGS are gone.

MAL: Try to do a simple transport job...

NOLA: Tools and crop seed my rǔ bái sè pi gu! (milky white behind) Didn't you stop to wonder how a shriveled up devil's testicle like Whittier could have anything worth shipping to Santo?

MAL: I didn't ask. I just needed the money. Same reason I let you on board.

MAL gives her a meaningful look. NOLA meets his intensity with a playful wink.

NISKA: What are you going to do with me?

MAL: We do have ourselves a quandary, don't we? I'm thinking I should stuff you into one of these crates and kick it out into the black. But, Jayne, here, he might like to get him an ear, first.

NISKA: No! Now, Mr. Reynolds, let's be businessmen, eh? What do businessmen want?

JAYNE (with longing): Money.

NISKA: Money, exactly. I have much money in secret place on my ship. I tell you where it is, you let me go on my way. This is good deal?

MAL: Zoe?

ZOE: He did torture you, once, sir. And he tortured my husband.

JAYNE: Aw, I say money's always better'n revenge. Course, money AND revenge are better'n jus' money.

NOLA: This is Adelai Niska, biggest crime boss in the quadrant!

NISKA: You flatter me.

NOLA: I vote you throw his ass out the airlock. That is, if my vote counts...

JAYNE: I vote you tell us how well you know Adelai Niska.

NOLA (dripping with sarcasm): He's my favorite uncle.

MAL (to NISKA): We could just search your ship.

NISKA: The money is well-hidden.

ZOE: We've got some spare time.

MAL: How do you know I won't just take your money and kill you anyway?

NISKA: Because you are not that kind of man, Malcolm Reynolds. You don't enjoy killing.

MAL: Yeah, but –

MAL socks NISKA across the face, knocks him out cold.

MAL (cont'd): I did enjoy that.

EXT. WHITTIER – DAY – NISKA laying very still in the dirt. Is he dead? Pull back off NISKA to see Serenity lifting off. NISKA's ship is no where to be seen.

ZOE (V.O.): He wasn't kidding about having a lot of money.

INT. BRIDGE – MAL, ZOE and JAYNE are there. JAYNE is counting out piles of Alliance currency.

JAYNE: I still say we shoulda left him with a few extra holes.

ZOE: We didn't exactly put him in the middle of civilization. He might die of dehydration or exhaustion, or frustration, before anybody finds him.

CUT TO: EXT. WHITTIER – DAY – A very dusty NISKA rolls over and squints up into the sunlight, watching Serenity fly away.

NISKA chuckles.


JAYNE: He's gonna turn up ag'in, like a bad penny, you wait 'n' see.

CLOSE UP on MAL as we leave atmo –

MAL: Yeah, well – till that day, we'll just keep flying.

CUT TO: EXT. SERENITY swooping off into the black.



Monday, February 5, 2007 5:13 PM


Wow. I loved this! A cool OC, ass-kicking River, and, most of all, FUNNY! Keep 'em coming, Flame, and I'll keep reading!

Can't wait to find out what the REAL deal was with the laptop!

Monday, February 5, 2007 6:33 PM


Definitely some brilliant work, Flame...though I think the average 45-minute primetime TV episode is only supposed to be three acts, not four;)

Still...definitley could see this scenario as mightly plausible (though I think it's meant to be hinted that Fanty and Mingo got offed by the Operative offscreen in the movie;D) and I can't wait to see how Nola pans out;D


Monday, February 5, 2007 7:17 PM


This had me on the edge of my seat...Great start...Have a question...
Is this Season Two or Season Three?

I thought the BDM was Two?

Either way I'll keep reading...

Not trusting Nola at this time.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007 4:54 AM


Thanks, everyone! I'm glad you like it.

13, you WILL find out the deal with the laptop in the next episode, I promise.

BlueEyedBrigadier, I opted to follow the same format as the Firefly scripts posted at - even down to the average length for each act.

I thought F&M were offed, too, but then I read a very convincing discussion here on FFF about them being spared, so I went with that. It's more fun that way. (We will come back to F&M in episode 5.)

Platonist, yeah, I think the BDM and the comic book are considered what "Season 2" would have been, but I'm calling this Season 2 because I'm writing them as if they're scripts for what would be Firefly's second "on-TV" season.

Will post episode 2 soon; 2, 3 and 4 are finished, but I'm still working on 5, which is a very emotional episode for me, so I'm having a hard time with it. I've got 14 episodes planned out - though, I know a TV series is usually longer than that - because the real Firefly was 14. We'll see what happens beyond that...

Tuesday, February 6, 2007 5:46 AM


Good start for a first fic.

Thursday, February 8, 2007 2:10 AM


I agree, and I want more!! (also, I took the line "Note to self: Don't piss of the ninja princess" for a new tag, I hope you don't mind)


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