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Some changes and additions to the site.
Sunday, February 1, 2004 1:59:36 AM

For those requesting that donations be made through PayPal, beginning Monday I'll have a button for that. Also in the works are photolog/moblog for members and the start of a RPG management system ...


Firefly Fan Film Blog - YEAAARRRGGGGGHHH
Sunday, February 1, 2004 1:44:45 PM

All I can say is I did a stupid thing with my computer, trying to do a little techie geek upgrade crap and I ended up having to reformat my C drive for the effort and in the process lost all my textures ...


Firefly Traveller - Just a thought
Sunday, February 1, 2004 4:02:48 PM

Firefly Traveller- Science Fiction Adventure in the (not so) Far Future The first time I watched Firefly I felt like I was watching a Traveller adventure unfold. The Firefly ‘verse has that gritty ...


I use Firefly to pick up women.
Sunday, February 1, 2004 4:15:41 PM

It's true. Tonight I recorded a live conversation I had with a girl and maybe I'll get lucky. I plan on posting part 2 soon. To better understand what I'm talking about, please download this 2 MB ...


Firefly Traveller - Where does it take place?
Monday, February 2, 2004 6:38:06 PM

Where does Firefly Traveller take place? Okay, based on previous assumptions, I am going to locate the Firefly ‘verse in near earth space. This is the only collection of star systems close enough ...


Serenity's Solar Panels
Tuesday, February 3, 2004 2:29:47 AM

What are they used for, alternative power to reduce strain on the engines? And why do they only apear on one side of the ship? Maybe the Alliance requires all vessels to fly in a clockwise orientation ...


Looking For Advice
Tuesday, February 3, 2004 4:03:43 AM

So I have this custom avatar icon I want to use and I've emailed it to Haken. Where do I go from here? I'm not so much with the patience thing and Haken is admittedly a very busy person... :crap: So ...


Firefly: The Board Game
Tuesday, February 3, 2004 5:29:25 AM

Well, this is it. I've dived into the deep end, swallowed the red pill and jumped down the rabbit hole. Or, in a more appropriate metaphor, I've packed up my bags and climbed on board [i]Serenity[/i]. To ...


Of Screenshots and Supporting Characters
Tuesday, February 3, 2004 5:47:08 AM

A few major successes last night were coupled with some minor setbacks. Most exciting was contacting gaidheal by e-mail to ask permission to use his fabulous deck plans as part of the main game-board. ...


You know when you have watched too Much
Tuesday, February 3, 2004 2:17:34 PM

...when you see the train you are supposed to be on sail out of the station 1 minute early, and you swear at it in Mandarin.


Captain's Blog III: Role Playing, the universe and almost everything
Tuesday, February 3, 2004 5:35:04 PM

Well ... Its been days since I started my last blog The Role Playing by forum game I got myself into is slowly taking shape ... geting a wee bit frustrated over not getting just feedback on the ...


Where does Firefly Traveller take place (continued)?
Tuesday, February 3, 2004 6:00:55 PM

I thought I was ready to move on to the next stage of the project, but I realized that there were still some things rattling around that need to be tied down before I did. So, we have travel times ...


Take my Love
Tuesday, February 3, 2004 8:46:41 PM

I didn't want to watch FIREFLY. The idea of using American Reconstruction as the backdrop for a scifi series was, I thought, a dicey proposition at best. The Civil War is ongoing in many quarters and, ...


Pray for Firefly
Wednesday, February 4, 2004 1:49:35 PM

Firefly Prayer


Firefly Traveller - From 2004 to 2517… The first bit
Wednesday, February 4, 2004 7:28:24 PM

From 2004 to 2517… The first bit Once again, we have to make some assumptions. This time it’s about technology and how fast we will progress. Traveller has a pretty well defined set of Technology ...


Great site to learn Chinese (Cantonese)
Thursday, February 5, 2004 3:03:20 AM



Why I'm a Browncoat
Thursday, February 5, 2004 5:31:13 AM

"Why do you watch Firefly?" I’ve been asked this question more than once, most recently by a fellow browncoat in England who was trying to convert a painfully skeptical friend. My answers were all ...


SF Literary Snobs
Thursday, February 5, 2004 6:05:00 AM

I was recently in a conversation with person who regarded "Firefly" as something she scraped off the bottom of her shoe because it was a TV series. I love all science fiction, no matter what form it ...


Shiny-ness In The Great White North
Friday, February 6, 2004 4:43:08 AM

I was recently on the website for the big video rental chain up here in Ontario, Canada. I was checking for the availability of a recommended Adam Baldwin movie, by searching the actors name. In ...


Cities in Space
Friday, February 6, 2004 11:33:16 AM

I have always loved the design of the Alliance ships like the IAV Dortmunder. Cities in space that just bristle with power. I never understood why the Star Destroyers in [i]Star Wars[/i] needed to be ...


Firefly: The Board Game - Board Preview & Update
Friday, February 6, 2004 4:21:24 PM

Well, the game continues apace: [b]Rules:[/b]


Firefly Traveller Housekeeping
Friday, February 6, 2004 6:24:44 PM

Well, it’s been a few days since I started this and I guess it’s time to make a couple of observations and suggestions on the project. The reason I started this as a blog instead of a discussion ...


Firefly Fan Film - Back in Action
Friday, February 6, 2004 9:52:14 PM

Well - after a scarey computer crash and several explitives later I am back up and running. Many thanks - ONCE AGAIN - to Biotech for resending his A+++ model I had to retexture, and ME THINKS ME ...


New here at Fireflyfans!
Friday, February 6, 2004 10:10:33 PM

Greetings & Salutations, I've been procrastinating becoming a member of fireflyfans, but have finally done so. I'm just tired of there not being anything new for Firefly itself. I picked up the series ...


Saturday, February 7, 2004 5:10:42 PM

Alright, this isn't really FF related but I figured why not talk about it here. I just saw Underworld and I have to say, I [i]loved[/i] it! I thought the Matrix-esk elements were very cool and pretty ...


Answer to the question:" Why Dragonfly?"
Saturday, February 7, 2004 5:20:20 PM

I have been asked (in various ways): "Why are doing a spin-off of Firefly concerning the Alliance, aren't they the bad guys?" The end of that question aptly illustrates my VERY reason for 'going ...


Firefly: The Board Game - New Cards and Update >IMAGES<
Sunday, February 8, 2004 6:57:01 PM

For anyone who missed the thread in General discussions - a board game based on Firefly... [b]Rules:[/b]


Thats right, I'm teaching a class.
Tuesday, February 10, 2004 3:23:39 PM

An English teacher friend of mine recently asked me to take htree days and teach her High-school Creative Writing class about Sci-fi. Like an idiot I accepted.:crap: Now Im stuck doing this next ...


Firefly Traveller Characters
Tuesday, February 10, 2004 5:26:30 PM

I was going to keep plugging away at the backstory but I think we have enough base in technology and history to work on game mechanics for a bit. I think you need a base of tech and story to do the mechanics ...


I have stuff to do, therefore I blog
Thursday, February 12, 2004 1:57:00 PM

Hey all, Long time no blog, I know. Things just kind of took off after the holidays and its taken some time to get back in the groove. During the time I’ve been on the road I’ve seen Dean self-destruct, ...


Friday, February 13, 2004 3:08:08 PM

Gorramit it's been a long week! I had a FF moment in Chemistry today and I thought I'd share with you guys. I figured you'd see where I was coming from. I had to do this science fair project and we got ...


Happy Valentine's Day
Saturday, February 14, 2004 4:49:13 AM

Holiday wishes, or something. Since I'm volunteering today, I really have no one to spend it with. I'm humoring a friend, but it's not a true date. So, everyone here who is alone, I'll try to be here. ...


The WB shouldn't pull a "Firefly" with Angel
Saturday, February 14, 2004 8:00:54 AM

I don't get why the WB wouldn't renew Angel. So ratings may have dropped, but that doesn't mean they should cancel it or whatever. Their decision doesn't just effect American viewers, but the rest of ...


A little trip to Best Buy...
Saturday, February 14, 2004 9:38:47 PM

Well today was the day I FINALLY got to take a little trip out to the black errr Best Buy and get my self a Firefly DVD set! I found it tucked away on a half empty shelf.... the last one, AND ITS MINE ...


I feel so shiny - I just converted my first fan!
Monday, February 16, 2004 7:24:59 AM

I lent my friend the first DVD and tried to encourage her to watch it without sounding like a psychotic maniac. She had the DVD for a week and didn't find time to watch it, so I continued to enthuse ...


Monday, February 16, 2004 8:43:42 AM

It's been a week since I got the Firefly Box Set. It was the last one on the shelf... I love getting good grades, my dad paid for the whole thing himself. President's day is cool, no school. I convinced ...


Tuesday, February 17, 2004 11:55:06 AM

Another headache, blah. School was decent, had a sub in science (Bio) which made it that much harder... I think out of the cd's I got yesterday my fav has to be Toxicity by System of a Down... *shrugs* Out ...


1 convert!
Tuesday, February 17, 2004 2:11:00 PM

Got my friend to watch it, and he fell in love with it. Yay! So, I have the rest of the world to convert. Um, rather big job. Oh, well. I'm trying.


Tuesday, February 17, 2004 5:00:42 PM

Okay I just re-watched Safe. I love the dance scene but my absolute fav part would have to be when River steals the roll off of Jayne's plate. She doesn't even do it fast like, she's just slowly reaches ...


Slightly Conflicted
Wednesday, February 18, 2004 3:17:09 AM

Hi All, I find myself slightly conflicted today because my distaste for any television company owned by Rupert Murdoch is clashing with my overarching egomania. Ordinarily I baulk at the idea of giving ...


Wednesday, February 18, 2004 11:10:46 AM

One good thing about today, I got out of half a day of school. Reason: dentist. Blah. Anyway... I have Aikido later today. For those of you who are saying 'Ai-what?' it's a form of Karate... sorta... The ...


Eye Doctor
Wednesday, February 18, 2004 1:26:14 PM

Apparently it is a day for appointments, or routine maintence as I like to call it. I always feel like the proverbial blind bat when I go to the optometrist. They take your contacts (well, technically ...


The Great Loaner
Wednesday, February 18, 2004 4:04:28 PM

i am now SUFFERING serious FireFly withdrawl! i bought 3 copies from Amazon, gave 2 away, and selfishly kept the 3rd from myself. Watched it end to end 5 - 6 times. Now i'm loaning it out to my friends ...


Thursday, February 19, 2004 1:27:30 PM

Oh god, bad day. Before I can tell this story you have to understand how my mind works. I have to do everything 'perfect' I have to be 'correct' if not the first time then the second time. I can't forget ...


Episode Watch Update
Thursday, February 19, 2004 2:24:39 PM

Well as noted in at least one of my prior logs I had gotten stuck at [b]Out of Gas[/b] and had jumped ahead and watched [b]The Message[/b]. Today I finally watched [b]Ariel[/b] and [b]War Stories[/b] ...


Class dismissed
Saturday, February 21, 2004 5:26:43 AM

Finished my teaching gig yesterday. Went pretty well. Had to throw around some subtle sarcastic insults and shout "silence" a few times (much more effective than "be quiet" or "shut up") but it was fine. ...


Sunday, February 22, 2004 8:33:09 AM

Alrighty then, I rewatched 'Serenity' (fourth time) and I noticed a couple of things. One, River has to be close to, if not past, her seventeenth birthday. Two that moment between Mal and Inara when he ...


This Blog has nothing to do with Firefly.
Sunday, February 22, 2004 11:49:08 AM

I hate men. There just too damn attractive and taken and nice. I was depressed and this guy talked me into telling him that i like him (even though he has a girlfriend and there are a million ...


Check out my shiny new email address ...
Sunday, February 22, 2004 1:07:23 PM

I'm now at You too can have a BrownCoats address -


What a diffrence five dollars can make
Sunday, February 22, 2004 4:43:43 PM

I took a walk around Media Play today and I spotted 6 copies of Firefly for 5 dollars more than what I purchased it for at Best Buy located 2 miles down the road, Best Buy's Firefly shelf was emptied ...


Firefly: The Board Game - Playtest Version Available
Sunday, February 22, 2004 8:17:05 PM

In the event that you've missed my blog entries or the short-lived thread, I'm developing a board game based on Firefly. ... Well, it's finally done and I had a chance to playtest it with friends this ...


non firefly blog but read it anyway.
Monday, February 23, 2004 5:46:54 AM

its me mother's birthday today, feb 23rd and shes : " 60 " im trying to get as many well wishes from all brown coats from around the world as possible ,odd request but its different to the norm and whats ...


Testing the Blog
Monday, February 23, 2004 12:42:48 PM

okay.. so this is a blog... I really don't get out enough. :blush:


My convert's saga, so far...
Monday, February 23, 2004 5:40:11 PM

Well, he will be on DVD 3, when he gets it from me tomorrow. He loves "The Hero of Canton" aka "Jayne's Song". He sang it any chance he could today. His favorite episode (And in his opinion, the funniest) ...


Firefly saved my friend's life
Monday, February 23, 2004 9:29:16 PM

An old college buddy of mine came to visit recently. There was a terrible winter storm, so we couldn't do much, but he was about to leave soon and catch a plane back home, weather permitting. I tried ...


Stupid [i]galaito[/i]
Tuesday, February 24, 2004 3:00:34 PM

Well I had to go back to the eye doc's today. We had just gone not even three months (right before X-mas) and I told him that my right scrip was what I was using in my left eye. So we did the exam and ...


So Gina Torres is reduced to playing a weak chick on "24"
Tuesday, February 24, 2004 8:29:15 PM

My roommate turned on "24" and I was amazed to see Gina Torres on the screen. As I am not a fan of the show (how much can happen to one guy in a three day period before he goes completely insane?) I had ...


John Wayne Bio on PBS reminded me of Firefly
Wednesday, February 25, 2004 12:26:11 PM

Last night there was noting on so I watch this biography of John Wayne. Well they show this scene from one of his movies where he is walking to confront someone and this person behind him draws his pistol. ...


A little help?
Thursday, February 26, 2004 5:56:41 PM

I've been editing some pictures and making icons using Print Shop 8. (I decided to try the ol' trial version when none of my friends would make an icon for me *shrug*) Anyhow, some of the icons I made ...


Full Conversion
Friday, February 27, 2004 3:14:38 AM

A friend of mine that I haven't seen for about a year is in town visiting this week. He'd never seen Firefly before, just heard about it from the emails I send him. He comes over last night for a get ...


I want a square bed.
Friday, February 27, 2004 7:45:57 PM

I want a square bed, with square sheets and a square blanket. I want to toss and turn at night. I don't want to wake up with cold feet because my blanket is turned sideways.


First Blog - First Converts
Sunday, February 29, 2004 5:33:09 AM

Okay, so I've been reading and posting to the site for a bit now, but I never really thought I had a reason to do a blog until now. A friend of mine celebrated his 47th birthday last night. We took ...


Capitans Starlog: 2/29/04
Sunday, February 29, 2004 7:12:27 PM

Today we passed the horse nebula to teh area of Earth that Was... NOW DIE EVIL FOX ECVECUTIVES!!!!!! :fork: :bash: :finger: :knife: :pissed: :hanged:



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