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Trolls: Irritating and perversive, and I just met some.
Sunday, April 9, 2006 9:52:30 AM

i was looking around in the chat today when sudenly this "Guest" character starts talking when it looks like there's three of them! I don't know who they are, when I make a conversation with them. It ...


London Trip: Need More Firefly!
Thursday, April 13, 2006 3:17:16 PM

So for the last eight days I've been in London seeing the ancient ruins, the cool sites, and honestly, looking for Firefly Merch. Also I was planning to see the Sci-Fi-refly convention which starts on ...


Flanvention II Big Damn Pass. Where do I get one?
Friday, April 14, 2006 1:09:45 PM

I seriously want to go to this years Flanvention, but I have no idea how to get tickets for this thing. Does anyone have any information on this matter? I would deeply appreciate it if someone could tell ...