How to make money to a student
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Students know that money is always low, even if parents are well-equipped. Combining normal work and education is not an option? Then you will come up with alternatives ...

Since the days of the student, I remember two unsuccessful ways to make money. The first is a great announcement that promises quick earnings, easy work and a beautiful office, which turned out to be the center of the cold calling for sale of tickets to the theater. We got here with a friend, got briefed, looked at how many tickets operators sold for half a day (zero) and more there did not appear.

The second way was more extreme and introduced me to work that can not be called interesting. Moreover, it was disgusting. Companies selling medical equipment needed "suckers".

Sentinels are sales managers who were sent to nearby villages to sell unnecessary appliances to elderly people. It is interesting that most of the extras did not consider themselves doing something bad, justifying their actions by the fact that the equipment really works. Only I doubt that they could explain why a glucose meter is needed for people who do not suffer from diabetes.
The proximity of September 1 and the recollection of unsuccessful endeavors led me to believe that such as me, the majority, but the question of how to make money to the student, still worry. So here are some non-standard ways to make money without harming your training.

Here are 5 tips how students can earn money:

1. Open the Freelance Exchange for yourself
In most cases there are search engineers, designers, copywriters and programmers. It is desirable that this profession was to your liking, otherwise you will not miss it for a long time. One more advantage of exchanges is the accumulation of ratings. The more orders and reviews you have, the more you can get paid for your work. In student times, I falsified this way (I worked as freelance writer at

2. Sell photos on photostock
Of course, in order for your photos to be purchased, they should be good. Smiling businessmen on fotostok and so is enough. The easiest way you can start with is Clashot. Judging by the reviews, the minimum amount of money (a couple of dollars) can be earned even on bad photographs. But the better the shot, the more likely it will be to buy it. You can withdraw money through PayPal.

3. Help your friends in learning
A good option, especially if you live in a hostel. Some friends managed to earn significant amounts for the student. Basically, they did the following: they performed a laboratory, an essay, and then resold to students of other courses. Essentially, the work you have written on the second sale is already an investment. You do not spend time on it, but it still brings money. The main thing is to find customers.

4. Sell unnecessary things
Surprisingly people buy everything. In the literal sense of the word. I do not mean old books or shelves. I managed to sell even an unnecessary guitar and a torn leather jacket. Therefore, if money is needed very much, I'm sure you will find what to sell. Just not kidney.

5. Trade in virtual objects
I do not have accurate statistics, but about half of male students play online games. Dota 2, WoW, Counter-Strike, World of Tanks - if I had been good at least one of these games, I would be able to easily find buyers for virtual stuff. By the way, on computer games you can decent earn (it's true to combine with the education is unlikely ;-)). As a bonus, he would be a respected person. True, in narrow circles.

But most students earn money in a more familiar way - they go to work. An officer, a bartender, a washing machine - for any job where it is possible to work shifts. However, everyone knows that, so I decided not to pay attention to this.

Tell us how you managed to make money at the student's time. I'm sure you have something to tell.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018 5:23 AM


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