Truth lucidly clear they that post either no clue or they that contribute to their clueless state
Thursday, August 2, 2012

If not received a death threat are a satanic elite cooperative knowingly or otherwise. The war must be fought united with one focus ... Reverend Kevin Annett knows well ... for the religious fanatic may well believe the Messiah has arrived with sane plan in hand akin to Jesus with crucifixion assured if the people do not quickly become coherent amass to even the score all on same floor ... feet planted firmly on ground heads extending into outer space no greater than body length. Fact is all governments are of the elite SSS Satanic Sucker Sandwich ORCA 1st Party/HE- Humans Enslaved 3rd Party/2nd Party Bottom feeder piranha. Hard to fathom from the surface waters the MOI Majority of Ignorance wades certain to fade in these everglades crocs and alligator fested waters. Must dive to the depths of tranquility for coherency speak for all intent and purposes are Jesus for Christ sake when consistent with the aspirations attributed to God by Jesus when He was completely beside himself. Get up to speed ... perhaps not too late. In your face For your information Kevin is organized ready to go September 15 2012. Without mass support Marshall Law everywhere beginning of the final war. Fact is the last war in any case ... either one or none. I say again ... In your face For your information. I am Frank!!



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