Sunday, December 17, 2006

the weekend's almost over. I got my grades back from last year's school exams. In math i got 769 out of 800. thats 96 percent. In ELA i got 756 out of 775. thats 98 percent. My average last marking period was 98.85 percent. i had 100 in French(would rather it was Chinese) and ELA. i had 99 in social studies, science, reading and orchestra. i play cello. my lowest grade was a 96 in math. This marking period i got a good news gram from my science teacher to let me know that my current average in science is 100. im on honor role in every class. That means you have an avrage above 92 percent. im going to be put into enrichment and i am currently in the advanced spelling group. our spelling list is below.

1.chattel-an item of personal moveable property
2.austere-stern in manner and appearence
3.lament-to express sorrow, to mourn
4.aloof-indifferent, distant
5.cerebral-intelectual, deep in thought
6.incongruous-unsuited to something's surrounding or setting
7.bulwark-a strong protection or support
8.connoisseur-a person whose expetise is an area of art or taste allows him to be a judge, an expert
9.cacophony-a harsh or disagreeable sound
10.expunge-to delete or remove or erase

You were given the deffinition of the word. you had to write the correct word and spell it correctly. You then had to choose 5 of the words and write sentences. I got 105 percent.


Monday, December 18, 2006 6:34 AM


Hey good to see kids doing well and learning important vocabulary words. Those words won't really come up in conversation much, but they will be on exams:) Good job on your test though. Always makes teachers proud to see students do well:)


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