Bow down before my mighty Browcoatednesss!
Monday, January 23, 2006

Is "Browncoatedness" even a real word?
Most likly not.
Or maybe it is, in Firefly speak~ like how 'companion' is now a verb according to Wash.
Wow, that was so very, very pointless.
So here's the real entry.
I went down to Maxx Collectables, because the owner called me up saying my order was in. I eagerly awaited Thursday, as that is new comic day, and went in with two of my best friends to get our respective orders.
First off, my fave Marvel stuff was in, so yay there. Then with a big grin the guy woring there, can't remember his name for the life of me today, pulled out a VERY shiny surprize for me.
A Mal action figure! All for me! He told me it had come in last week, and when he saw it, he put it aside for me, as he remembered how every week I came in faithfully to check for the "Serenity" comics. He even gave me a "Serenity" button that he had come accross somewhere! My bank balence has never ment so little to me! Right then and there, I bought everything, shelling out almost 45$ for a dozen comics, my shiney "Final Battle Mal" (compleat with screwdriver and the operatives' sword!), nifty little FREE button, and some starage bags and boards.
My life has never had more meaning, that is, untill Friday.
My mum and I were just scowering E-Bay for randome stuff we will never use, and came accross my new baby.
An offical, certificat of authenticty included, used on film Firefly compueter console! Yes,my fellow Independants, I now own a piece of Serenity!
I am truly, a die hard fan.
I shall see to it that I am buried with this consle, and my headstone will say "Love lets her fly."
Yes, I shall seeto it.


Monday, January 23, 2006 8:13 AM


Wow! I do bow down before your mighty Browncoatedness!

To own a piece of Serenity! *jealous*


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