What is a Blog?!
Sunday, October 30, 2005

What is a blog?
This is my question. I see 'blog' every'bouts I go on our newfangled interweb, the cortex..
Well, since I'm guessing its some sort of diary-like..thing..I mean to use it as such. I'm not sure if its interacty. Should that be the case, please feel free to fire away, a correspondence is something not to be sneezed at!
So, I feel compelled to explore the new and exciting world of Blogdom, and I would like my discovery to be peppered with these 'emoticons' that flash away amiably to my left, excepting the fact that my hwoon dahn of a computer won't allow it (oooh, first use of mandarin in a 'blog', get her!). Perhaps it thinks them fanciful, or demeaning to the noble art of the written word (in which case it should pay closer attention to the ramblin' nonsense I am prone to spewing, and remove the peg from it's RAM)... Anyway, I find I rather like them, though its possibly because they're forbidden!
Probably time to end the ramble for now, much carving of pumpkins to be done, not to mention the casting of spells...I hope to delve into the greater realm of the 'Verse on my next whatchamacallit. Aaahh, and what a shiny old crate of goodies she is too!
Til my next ream o' tat, goodee'n to ya,


Sunday, October 30, 2005 1:19 PM


And the term "blog" is a shortened version of the term "weblog" meaning a log one keeps on the web, natch.

Sunday, October 30, 2005 12:23 PM


like writing essays but not getting any class credit for your work...of course I've known people to blog about what they had for dinner, in which case they don't deserve class credit!
Around here your blog title appears on the 'home' page (until it is replaced by other blogs) and people will click on, if the title is interesting...or they are bored.


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